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Catching Up With Former Hoyas Star Marcus Derrickson

Marcus Derrickson returned to Capital One Arena with Golden State on Thursday Night

NBA: Preseason-Los Angeles Lakers at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

WASHINGTON — Former Georgetown Hoyas star Marcus Derrickson made a return to his college homecourt on Thursday night as Golden State defeated Washington 126-118 at Capital One Arena to win their ninth straight game.

Despite making the cross country trip, Derrickson - who is on a two-way deal and has played in six games for Golden State with a season-high of 10 points - did not play last night.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr was a bit disappointed that the game remained close last night, not giving him a chance to insert Derrickson.

“I wasn’t thrilled with the 4th quarter in general, especially a game like tonight where we’re on the verge and we’ve got a chance and we’ve got Marcus Derrickson sitting there from Georgetown,” Kerr said postgame.

“ I would have loved to have played him. I thought we let him down a little bit by letting our foot off the gas pedal a little bit in the 4th quarter.”

Derrickson - a second team all BIG EAST selection last season after averaging 15.9 ppg and 7.9 rpg while shooting 47 percent from 3-point range- gave his thoughts on the Hoyas and his life as a pro during a pregame chat.

“It was great,” Derrickson said about playing under coach Patrick Ewing for one season before declaring for the NBA Draft after his junior season.

“I learned a lot of things - even when he wasn’t talking to me, when he was talking to Jessie and giving teaching points. I would absorb everything the same and apply it to my game. That’s a Hall of Famer so you want to listen to everything he says.”

Derrickson said that he keeps in regular contact with the team and has been able to give them information on what it takes to make it to the next level, especially Jessie Govan.

“I always talk to them, Derrickson said about his relationship with this year’s Hoyas squad.

“I’m pretty sure he’s hearing it a lot from Pat because that’s why I was so prepared for this moment. Pat is really attention to detail and you have to work hard and you got to play every single possession like your life depends on it. Pat prepared us. Pat and coach Louis Orr they both prepared us to the max for this moment. You just got to get after it.”

Despite Georgetown’s recent struggles in losing four out of their last five, Derrickson is still high on this year’s group, especially the freshmen.

Josh LeBlanc, he’s been really good,” Derrickson said when asked about the young guys.

“I love him, the straight energy. Of course Jessie, he does what he does but James too and Mac is just getting back. I feel like if he was there over time he’d be a little different. He’d still have that rhythm going from that 38-point game. They’re young and they’re going to keep playing. I think they’ve got what it takes, 100 percent.”

Derrickson continued on further about McClung who has earned a BIG EAST Freshman of the Week Honor just as both Akinjo and LeBlanc have done.

“I expected this,” said Derrickson about McClung’s ability to come in right away and score at this level.

“I 100 percent expected it. You know Pat wouldn’t have recruited him if he wasn’t this type of talent. It’s just unfortunate he went out for a little bit. They’re going to get back on top. I have 100 percent confidence in them in the Big East and them coming out on top and going to the Dance.”

Last night’s Warriors Wizards game featured three former Hoyas on the rosters as both Jeff Green and Otto Porter played for Washington. Derickson talked about the added benefits of the program to continue to send guys to the pros and and how it can help the current team.

“It just boosts your confidence, Derrickson said of his teammates from last year that can now look to him in the NBA.

“Saying man I was just practicing with him and we played side by side and now he’s there doing that, I can do that too. It just takes you to another level. I see it in them. I’m watching all the Big East games. Everything comes down to the wire. Just got to focus on closing out the games.”

Derrickson’s has started and played in 21 games this season for the Santa Cruz Warriors averaging 15.8 points and 6.4 rpg while shooting 45 percent from deep. He’s really learned a lot of the G-League and then coming back and forth with the NBA squad that has, you know, won three of the last four World Championships.

“You’re up here with the best of the best, “ Derrickson said. “Everybody is a superstar. You’re just learning and observing learning what it takes to be a high level player everyday. Just the grind of the G League. Guys are constantly competing and go hard so they can get their opportunity for the NBA so it’s competitive just do what you do best and get after it every single play.”

Derrickson is confident that he is well prepared for his life as a pro thanks in part to his time at Georgetown.

“Just got to keep working hard, really pay attention to details but that’s something that Pat already stressed to me and coach Orr, so it’s just being a rookie. You’ll have your ups and downs. Don’t get too high don’t get too low.”