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WATCH: The Return of the #MACKINJO Highlights

Looks like they spent their Saturday off practicing alley-oops...

Georgetown Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

You can almost hear the clickity-clack of the keyboard of our friends writing up recaps for Sunday’s games (thank you—you are truly doing the Lord’s work), but in the meantime, there are some nasty highlights that need to be shared all at once.

With the TOMBS having the day off on Saturday 7/14, it sounds like the Hoyas who were not named Mac McClung and/or James Akinjo played pretty well and are starting to feel comfortable. There was good news from everybody who played, especially the freshmen.

On Sunday, well, those Hoyas may have been overshadowed by the future backcourt mates known as #MACKINJO. Mac McClung led the TOMBS with 31 over On Point by a score of 89 - 78. Here are some mind-boggling highlights (thanks to the Overtime as they appear to be working with Nike/Kenner):

9+ minutes of pure ecstasy below: