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Schedule News! Hoyas In The Mix for Non-Conference Tournaments

thompson center

The Georgetown Hoyas took a lot of heat for its weak non-conference schedule this season, and it looks like the powers that be in charge of the schedule are taking steps to fix it.

First, a credible source has informed me that Georgetown will be participating in an MTE (multi-team event) in 2019. Other teams featured in this MTE are Duke, Texas and Cal. The full field for this tournament has yet to be finalized and feelers have been sent to schools inquiring re willingness and availability to participate. This is one of those tournaments in which the Hoyas would play a game against a weaker team at home and then advance to wherever the marquee games will be played.

Second, a less credible source relays that the Hoyas are in the mix for the 2018 Jamaica Classic. The 2017 Jamaica Class was the first year for the event, which is played (you guessed it!) in Jamaica in mid-November. An MTE similar to the one discussed above, the 2017 Jamaica Classic featured Florida State University, Colorado State University, Fordham University, Tulane University, University of Hartford, Miami University and LIU Brooklyn. A good write-up of that event is HERE.

The Jamaica Classic would be a natural spot for the Hoyas and their great Jamaican-American head coach, Patrick Ewing.

Stay tuned!