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LINKS: Dear Allen Iverson, You Need to Meet these Young Hoyas

AI drops by the Sixers to see Jimmy Butler; Bubba Chuck needs to come down to Georgetown to meet Patrick Ewing’s squad...

Allen Iverson

Dear Allen Iverson,

It was great seeing you all over TV and Twitter this week sitting court-side at the Sixers game. It was a chance for sports media to remind the world how much the likes of Jimmy Butler, Markelle Fultz, and Ben Simmons looked up to you while they were growing and developing.

They are far from your only admirers in today’s game—and there are more than a handful of fans of the Answer on Patrick Ewing’s 4-1 Georgetown Hoyas.

Allen Iverson...

It’s true, we the Georgetown faithful are a little jealous of your Philadelphia visits and want Bubba Chuck to come to a Georgetown game this year and impart some wisdom on this youthful team.

The photos of the NBA jersey exchanges and post-game locker room chats are a tremendous reminder of how impactful you are to this generation of athletes—especially impressionable guards.

Most importantly, your connection to Georgetown, much like the love you got on Monday night, transcends your Hall of Fame status to a special level of admiration.

This year’s Georgetown squad will tell you all about it. Anchored by senior center Jessie Govan...

...with some tough, talented young guys with something to prove. You, of course, have already personally seen Virginia’s Mac McClung:

Have you met Oakland’s James Akinjo?

or Louisiana's Josh LeBlanc?

The team also features sophomores and past Big East All-Freshman team members Jamorko Pickett and Jahvon Blair.

Hoyas fans can certainly appreciate that you’re a busy man...

But it’s also been a little while since you came to the Thompson Center (2016?).

Even your teammate and friend, Aaron McKie at Temple, has been asking around for you...

After a recent scrimmage against Georgetown, where Iverson starred, McKie told Hoyas coach Patrick Ewing how Iverson had some players he thought could help Temple.

“Man, I’ve been trying to get him up here for two years now and I ain’t seen him yet,” McKie recalled Ewing’s response with a laugh. “That’s AI.”

because whether you’re whispering to Butler or holding court at a packed banquet table, you’ve always had something to say...

“One of the greatest players to ever play the game. Me and A.I. have always been in touch with one another. I’m a fan of his since I was little. I’ve always looked up to the way he plays — the heart, the passion, the emotion, all that good stuff.”

- Jimmy Butler

And while we can’t say it doesn’t hurt each one of us to see your name associated with a Syracuse guy...

We know it’s all about that love.

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Happy Birthday Coach!!! Thank You for saving my life.

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Hoya Saxa.