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STADIUM: Big East Coaches Rank the Best Jobs in the Conference

thompson center

Excellent work by Jeff Goodman and Stadium in getting the Big East coaches to chime in on their opinions as to which job is the best in the Conference.

No surprise to us that Georgetown ranks No.1:

1. Georgetown (63) – Sure, it’s been a while – but the Hoyas did win a national title in 1984 and go to the championship game in both 1982 and 1985. There certainly hasn’t been a ton of national relevance lately, but Georgetown has still gone to the NCAA tourney nine times since 2000. Georgetown is also located in one of the best areas in the country as far as recruiting is concerned, has a ton of resources and can sell a plethora of NBA big man – including its coach.

Where they win: “It’s the best job in the league because it has everything you need. So many players locally, big-time resources, a new practice facility and tradition. Sure, they haven’t been good lately – but there’s a reason a ton of guys were interested in the job when it opened up last year. It’s a gold mine.” – Big East assistant

The knock: “There’s really not much that you don’t have at your disposal. There hasn’t been much energy at Capital One Arena, and it’s probably too big for Georgetown – especially when they aren’t winning. The only other thing has been the Thompson family, and the perception that Big John runs everything over there. That didn’t help when they were trying to hire a coach.” – Big East coach

The rest of the very interesting article can be found RIGHT HERE, and contains some intersting tidbits as to how the rankings were determined based on the below eight categories.

Admission requirements – a category in our other “Conference Chain of Command” rankings – was not included for the Big East, since they’re mostly the same for each school.

  • Tradition – The history of the program
  • Media Exposure – Games on national television
  • Game Atmosphere – Includes attendance
  • Facilities – Not just the arena, but also practice facilities, weight room, locker rooms, etc.
  • Selling Pros – Being able to sell not only NBA players, but also those who play overseas
  • Budget/Resources – Includes coaches’ salaries, recruiting budget, travel budget, private planes, cost of attendance, etc.
  • Buy Games – Programs who are bought the fewest number of times will rank first
  • Geographical Recruiting Base – Proximity to players