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Legends of the Secret Temple Scrimmage

I heard the Hoyas’ secret password was “casual.”

NCAA Basketball: Maryland - E. Shore at Georgetown Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

With fewer than 15 days until the season opens, we are all thirsting more than ever for additional inside information on the 2018-19 Georgetown Hoyas. Admittedly, there’s little official intel coming out about preparations for the season, but that never stopped Twitter.

There has been much talk about the planning of the super-secret scrimmages among the top teams, and whispers about Patrick Ewing’s plans have been aplenty:

The scrimmage against Temple is believed to have been in DC in either McDonough or the Thompson Center on Saturday. We won’t hold our collective breath waiting for confirmation.

There have been a few rumors floating around, but one Temple ‘source’ that people have been pointing out being a 247Sports / “Owls Daily” / “The Cherry and White Board” post from “Epperman” that says:

Just want fans to know Temple scrimmaged Georgetown yesterday at Georgetown. Georgetown ranked by Rival 24/7 in pre-season 3rd in Big East Conference.

They played three 20-minute halves. Temple won 2 of the 3 halves, but lost by a combined total of 3-points.

Another post said:

I heard Georgetown won the first 20 mins by 8 after a slow Temple start and Temple won the last 2 but 5 & 3. Temple played different line ups in the last few minutes and GTown was able to cut into the lead.

It is unclear if anyone witnessed the scrimmage first-hand or is relaying from another post or tweet.

For instance, @GtownRecruiting seems to confirm this win with multiple ‘sources’:

Well, the #37 KenPom ranked team will certainly accept a W, even if KenPom has Temple only at #82. But the real questions are ... who played and how well?

Mac McClung’s (alleged) auntie says Mac put up 25 points.

Our homie Trey Dickerson—who is stateside for a bit for family health—adds that he heard that sophomore Jahvon Blair went “hard as a ... ,” well, “you-know-what.”

We’ll take “solid.” Nevertheless, some of the other speculation is around whether James Akinjo would play as he was seen sitting/resting at the Open Practice.

Temple Basketball has had a bond with Georgetown since the days of John Chaney and John Thompson, not to mention Fran Dunphy’s competition with JTIII while at Penn and Princeton, respectively. Coach Dunphy will receive the Dean Smith Award in November, an award that Thompson, Jr. received in 2015 as the first recipient and good friend of Smith.

Also of note is that Allen Iverson loves former Sixers teammate and Temple’s Associate Head Coach Aaron McKie, who was identified as the heir for coaching the Owls next year and is reportedly a hard working assistant and recruiter.

In the meantime, the Hoyas apparently will face VCU this weekend in another scrimmage. We all will keep an ear out for any substantial news or rumors.

Stay tuned for another legend from the green monkeys or the blue barracudas or the ... gray bulldogs?