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Georgetown Introduces “Actual Reality” Promotion

Can you survive an entire basketball game without your phone?

Chris Grosse - Georgetown Athletics (2017)

Picture this: Arrive at Capital One Arena and pick up your tickets from the Will Call window. Grab a sheet of paper outlining the appropriate lineup of insults for today’s opponent. A staff member offers to take a commemorative photo of you and your roommate, and then hands you the Polaroid which you shake vigorously as you descend to your seats. As you watch fans file into other sections around the arena, you kill time by striking up a conversation with people in the row behind, asking how excited they are to see two of the greatest players in Big East history.

Finally, the lights dim. The music crescendoes. The crowd goes wild.

Patrick Ewing and Chris Mullin meet at halfcourt.


Then they shake hands and return to their respective benches, because it’s actually 2018 and these two men are the coaches.

What’s going on here? You are experiencing a basketball game in “Actual Reality.”

Chris Grosse - Georgetown Athletics (2017)

Welcome to the latest scheme cooked up by marketing genius Chris Grosse and his marvelous band of Blue & Gray minions. When the Hoyas host St. Johns at Noon on Saturday, January 20th, fans will have the opportunity to watch the game in truly old school fashion.

Physical tickets will be required for entry to the section, your phone should be checked on the concourse, and a representative will be on hand to distribute nametags. (If you wish to write your twitter handle or snapchat username on this, that’s a personal choice.) You will be able to use the Polaroid at the photo station to take pictures and watch them develop, as well as send your family & friends a postcard jubilantly detailing that you finally know what things were like “back in the day.” Bonus points for any missives written in cursive. Additionally, all participants in this experiment will receive a hard copy of the halftime box score, which you can stash in the box with all the rest of your (real or imaginary) ticket stubs.

Tickets for this time-travel simulation are $20 and can be reserved online.

So awesome.