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PODCAST: About That Hoyas Schedule...

The Georgetown men’s basketball schedule for the 2017-18 season generated tons of negative reaction nationwide. Those who follow the Hoyas daily weren’t excited either for the slate thanks to the lack of notable opponents and the barrage of foes with dubious KenPom ratings. That’s why Ben Standig turned the Locked on Wizards podcast into a Blue and Gray therapy session with Andrew Geiger and Bobby Bancroft.

This isn’t bashing for the sake of bashing, but more like three guys working through their collective bewilderment. Head coach Patrick Ewing recently stated that with Big East battles and NCAA Tournament hopes in mind, the program doesn’t have to put together a challenging (interesting?) non-conference schedule. We’ll see about that.

Here’s a quick rundown of the podcast topics. Ben rambles about the Wizards and other matters at the top and then it’s go time.

6:55 — Hoyas tipoff

8:40 — Schedule 411

10:20 — What’s here in the non-conference schedule for the fan base beyond Syracuse?

13:00 — Appealing to recruits or unappetizing?

13:45 — Schedule doesn’t suit undersold roster

15:25 — Comparisons to schedule during Patrick Ewing’s playing era. Spoiler: This is way, way worse

19:00 — Method to the madness?

23:04 — National TV schedule

25:50 — Everyone is talking about the Hoyas, but...

29:38 — Positive schedule spin

30:25 — What it would take for an NCAA Tourney berth with this schedule

38:07 — Narrative shifts (some) from Ewing’s return to soft schedule?

41:55 — Big East part of the schedule

47:30 — Record predictions

50:50 — Tale of the tape: JT3’s final team vs. Ewing’s first

54:30 — Lack of road games