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Georgetown Recruiting Targets to Participate in Kenner League

Well, this is news.

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Get excited.

The second night of the Kenner League quarterfinals just tipped off at McDonough Gym, and there are a couple of new faces on the court. It has been confirmed that Xavier Johnson and Keldon Johnson have been added to rosters for this evening. Xavier is playing for defending champs On Point as they face DMC All-Stars in the first game; Keldon’s slot is TBD, but you will see him in the following contest where AWash Associates will play Higher Level.

Both have offers in hand from the coaching staff and these are faces that we would very much like to see in a Georgetown Hoyas uniform next fall, so this sneak preview can only further cement their status as high-priority targets in the eyes of casual fans.

It is almost unprecedented for high schoolers to make an appearance at this event, but there's a process for players to participate in approved Summer Leagues while keeping things kosher regarding NCAA eligibility, so this had to have been in the works for awhile. Apparently the organizers of Kenner know how to keep a secret.

We know Keldon Johnson (5-Star/Class of 2018/Shooting Guard) will be playing, but it is unclear if he will be joining his older brother Kaleb on AWash Associates or suiting up for the opposing squad. Locally, the Oak Hill standout is also being heavily pursued by Maryland. Georgetown already scored one recent recruiting win over this rival for local talent when Jamarko Pickett committed to the Hoyas just last week.

Also getting in on the action is Xavier Johnson (3-Star/Class of 2018/Combo Guard), another DMV prospect who plays for Bishop O’Connell in Arlington, VA. He received an offer from the Hoyas’ coaching staff back in June and is also being recruited by Nebraska, Georgia Tech and USF. If you can believe everything you read on twitter, he’s starting for On Point.

Follow @KennerLeague for live updates. This should be good.

Hoya Saxa!