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Jeff Van Gundy on Patrick Ewing: “Don’t Underestimate Him.”

Houston Rockets v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

Great stuff in the New York Post from former NBA coach and current NBA analyst Jeff Van Gundy on a number of topics, including Patrick Ewing and Georgetown:

Q: What do you think of Patrick Ewing as Georgetown head coach?

A: I read a lot of different opinions. And the critical ones always make the same mistake — they always underestimate Patrick Ewing. Georgetown’s obviously not an easy job. He has a major rebuild ahead of him. But I would just warn everyone: Don’t underestimate him. Don’t underestimate his basketball acumen. Don’t underestimate his work habits. Don’t underestimate his ability to be able to connect with players. I think they’re going to be a hard-playing, tough-minded team. I think they’re going to be reflective of his personality. I would say that no great player has ever put more into a second career than Patrick has. I’m so proud of him, so happy for him, and yet I don’t underestimate the size of the rebuild that’s ahead of him. Georgetown’s not gonna cheat, and that in of itself makes it a challenge in college sports. Everybody does it different in college, and it’s always not a level playing field.