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Kenner League is Coming!

Let the coundown begin.

Hope is eternal. So are the hot dogs.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The Nike Pro-City Jabbo Kenner Summer League (henceforth referred to as “Kenner”) kicks off next Saturday, July 8th, in historic McDonough Gymnasium.


Georgetown players will be spread out among seven teams in the 11-team league.

Sophomore guard Jagan Mosely (Morganville, N.J./St. Anthony) and freshman Antwan Walker (Washington, D.C./Hargrave Military Academy [Va.]) will be on The Tombs, while freshman Jahvon Blair (Mono, Ontario/Orangeville Prep) and junior forward Marcus Derrickson (Bowie, Md./Brewster Academy [N.H.]) will play for Clydes.

Senior guard Jonathan Mulmore (New Orleans, La./Redemption Christian/Allegany [Md.]) and freshman center Chris Sodom (Houston, Texas/St. Thomas) will play for Hoop Magic. Junior center Jessie Govan (Manhasset, N.Y./Wings Academy) and junior forward Kaleb Johnson (Martinsville, Va./Carlisle School) will play for A Wash Associates.

Greg Malinowski (Chantilly, Va./Episcopal/William & Mary) will play for ON Point, junior guard Ra'Mond Hines (Washington, D.C./Gonzaga) will play for Curt Smith All-Stars and sophomore forward George Muresan (Potomac, Md./St. Andrew's) will play for the Ballaholics.

This is the glorious period where delusion runs rampant, as fans get their first look at our incoming freshmen recruits and speculate wildly about the development of upperclassmen while the fast-paced, aggressive showcase yields spectacular dunks and breathtaking stat lines.

Games are scheduled Thursday-Sunday of each week and will continue through the Championship match on Sunday, August 13th, according to the NCAA’s guide on Men’s Summer 2017 Leagues. As always, the idea of “scheduling” should be taken loosely, as both rosters and the order of games are known to change at a moment’s notice depending on who shows up.

Participants generally live and/or attend school around the DMV and the only strict rule regarding team composition is that no more than two Hoyas are allowed to play for the same squad. Alumni playing professionally in the NBA and abroad have been known to make surprise appearances at Kenner, both in the stands and on the court. These drop-ins are amazing and it’s entertaining to see firsthand the skill differential between experienced veteran players and the current undergrads.

Aside from basketball, Kenner is known for two things: legendary hot dogs and a strict embargo on any form of photography. The latter has lightened up significantly over the past couple of years as they embraced the wonderful world of twitter highlights, but don’t be surprised if someone still warns you to stow your phone. If this is no longer the case and documentation is welcome, please shout it from the hilltops (and tag @CasualHoya on twitter). As for the hot dogs...yeah, they’re probably the same hot dogs.

This post will be updated with more information as it becomes available, but the starting date is really all you need to know. 10 days!