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Home Sw33t Home: The Patrick Ewing Press Conference

John Thompson Jr. and Patrick Ewing, 1984

Patrick Ewing was formally introduced as Georgetown’s new head coach this morning at 11am at The Thompson Center. The press conference was streamed live on the Georgetown Athletics Facebook page and has now been posted on the school’s youtube channel. Watch it below:

Prior to this morning’s press conference, Ewing made an appearance on The Sports Junkies radio show, in which he revealed the following, courtesy of commenter aja32.


Looking to bring in college guys more than NBA guys. PE Jr. not staying on staff due to Georgetown’s nepotism clause.

Asked if he’d add Wingate, others to the staff:

Not to the staff but definitely going to be talking to all those guys to keep them engaged in the program

On JT2:

If I have issues or problems I have no problem picking up the phone and asking him for advice

On recruiting and filling out the roster this year. Will he bring in JUCOs, etc. to fill out roster?

Something Lee Reed and I are talking about. Don’t want to bring in recruits right out of high school who won’t work out long term.

To the fans

We need Hoya Nation to stand up and – I won’t say pressure them – but to help make sure recruits know that the Hoyas are here and we want them.

You ready to recruit?

There are a lot of young guys in the NBA, I’ve already had to know how to work with a younger generation. I am going to have great recruiters on my staff

On Georgetown vs NBA jobs:

The only reason I am back in college is because it’s Georgetown. Just thought this was a great fit, great opportunity to work in a program that I cherish

Assorted other things – he still needs to find a house in DC

Video of the appearance is below:

We’ll have live coverage of the press conference right here on THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON, as our own Ben Standig and Bobby Bancroft will be in attendance and perhaps asking a few of your questions.

Ewing’s Opening Statement:

Hoya Saxa!