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Georgetown Hoyas Head Coaching Search: The Latest Rumors

thompson center

It is now Sunday, April 2nd, 11 days since Georgetown fired John Thompson III and embarked on the search for a new head coach.

So, where are we?

What We Know:

- Shaka Smart was the school’s #1 target.

- Shaka Smart indicated to Georgetown at some point that his preference was to remain at Texas.

- There are people at Georgetown that like Tommy Amaker.

- John Thompson, Jr. is one of these people.

- David Falk is Amaker’s agent.

- As of right now, it is up to Tommy Amaker to decide whether he wants to be the next head coach of Georgetown.

- If Amaker says no, it won’t be because of anything having to do with the school.

- As of yesterday, Danny Hurley, Tom Crean, and Jamion Christian had not been contacted about the position.

What We Don’t Know:

- Who else the school has reached out to.

- Where Georgetown will turn if Amaker decides to stay at Harvard.

What We’d Like to Think:

- Tagliabue has reached out to Frank Martin’s agent.

- Tagliabue has reached out to anyone else’s agent.

Light Sunday reading:

Jabril Trawick is once again the best.

Light Sunday listening:

Ben Standig and I bore you to tears dropping our collective lack of knowledge as to what the hell is happening with this search.

Are we having fun yet?