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Why Tremont Waters Should Choose Georgetown (Again)

Well, this is weird. By now, we all know the details. Tremont Waters, a 5’-11’’ four-star phenom guard from West Haven, Connecticut, committed to the Hilltop, requested a release from his national letter of intent after Georgetown’s head coaching situation became fluid, and now he’s back on the market. Just one day after finalizing the divorce, Georgetown’s new big man on campus -- #33 himself – flew up to The Constitution State to make the case once more as to why young Tremont should come on down to our nation’s capital.

And here we are. What was once love at first sight became a rocky romance, then a separation, a divorce – and now? Your Georgetown University Barking Bulldogs are one of a handful of mistresses vying to win over this young man’s heart. Schools like UConn, Duke, Kansas, Creighton, Southern Ontario Community College and even Western Kentucky(!) appear to be in the mix. At this stage, it’s anybody’s guess what Tremont will do.

What may seem obvious to those of us who frequent this lunch blog – the reasons why Georgetown University is a perfect fit for this young man – may not be obvious to others. And so, we here at THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON have decided to enlighten the outside world as to why TW3 and GU are a match made in heaven.

Georgetown is the same damn school he committed to last year, only this time with a more up-tempo, NBA-style offense.

It’s true. The school is still there, with the same traditions, academic excellence, long history of placing players in the NBA, a brand spanking new practice facility, in a beautiful city that isn’t terribly far from Connecticut, and which has basically all of the same players. The only difference is the head coach and the style of offense.

JTIII was a respectable, solid head coach and molder of men. His successor has promised a more modern fit for Waters’s special skill set. So, it’s the same thing as before. Same school and everything! Only this time there is a coach with tons of NBA experience who knows how to run a modern, spread the floor offense that can more ably take advantage of Tremont Waters’s talents. Seems like a no-brainer to us.

Georgetown desperately needs a reliable point guard.

Not to sound desperate, but holy crap does Georgetown need help at the 1. Not since Markel Starks, who graduated three years ago, did the Hoyas have a solid presence at the point.

Georgetown needs a point guard – a real point guard. Tremont Waters is unquestionably a real point guard. The connection make so much sense.

Tremont Waters would be the most revered freshman on campus since 2008.

It’s true. Not since Greg Monroe in 2008 will the Hoya faithful be this excited about a prospect. Fans would be straight-up giddy.

Would that add pressure? Sure. But there’s something to be said for being the fan favorite on Day 1 for a sports team that is the university’s #1 priority.

Patrick Ewing is a big deal, and recruits should not lose sight of that.

Number 33 from Georgetown was more than an actor on “Space Jam” -- over thirty years ago, he revolutionized the sport, led the Hoyas to three Final Fours and a national championship in four seasons and then went on to have one of the greatest careers in NBA history. The dude is a legend.

Just watch this and try not to get wood chills:

He’s PA-TRICK EW-ING, and he wants to be Tremont’s coach. That’s kind of a big deal.

Patrick has roots in Boston, Washington and New York – he’s well-liked up and down the east coast and he’s a legend at Madison Square Garden, which, incidentally is where the Big East plays its conference tournament. My guy Patrick goes to MSG, points up to his jersey in the rafters and pulls a William Forrester (“I’m that one.”).

No other coach in the country can do that.

Patrick Ewing knows how to coach a pro-style offense and he wants to run up and down the damn court.

Big Pat has been an NBA assistant for 15 years. He’s coached under some of the best minds in the game – Jeff and Stan Van Gundy and Steve Clifford – and he knows what’s he’s doing. Comparing Tremont Waters to Kemba Walker is not just blowing smoke because, well, he coached Kemba Walker.

He wants guards to move the ball up and down the court and he stressed that point multiple times in his first few days on the job.

This seems like a match made in heaven.

Georgetown is a pretty solid academic school.

If you care about academics, or life after basketball, Georgetown’s reputation is pretty killer. If Tremont wants to do an internship for Senator Blumenthal, he totally can.

Have you heard about Georgetown’s new practice facility?

It’s big and awesome and cost lots of money. We now have fancy lockers and practice courts and modern weight rooms and study rooms and an updated locker room and a new video room and lots of state of the art equipment. Yay!

Tremont Waters is Georgetown’s FIRST CHOICE for the starting point guard position.

It’s important not to understate this one. Georgetown wants Tremont, while some of these other big schools kind of want Tremont. It’s always nice to be desired, and it’s clear that Tremont would not be treated as sloppy seconds at Georgetown. Instead of waiting around for better looking suitors who are already dating others, why not lock it down with someone who is head over heels obsessed with you (hypothetically of course)?

Tremont Waters’s idol is Allen Iverson, who just happened to attend Georgetown, and who is likely to say hello and teach Tremont a thing or two.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. We know AI can’t visit recruits until they’ve enrolled. But we think it’s a fair assumption that AI would introduce himself sometime next season when Tremont is practicing his crossover in the new Thompson Center.

Georgetown University is the only program in the country with a rabid fanbase that gives out “awards” after each victory.

Seriously, it’s a thing. We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, but there’s a guy named Chris Wright who used to play point guard for the Hoyas, and he had the heart of a champion. Will Tremont Waters?

We don’t like dissing other institutions of higher learning, but there are a number of things that separate Georgetown from some of those (ahem) other schools.

Every Georgetown game is televised.

Tulane and Tulsa are not in the Big East conference.

Georgetown isn’t waiting for some other point guard to commit before deciding whether it wants Tremont Waters.

Georgetown is not in Connecticut, and who wants to play so close to home?

Georgetown is in an international city, with lots of cool things to do. It is not in Nebraska or Kentucky.

Georgetown is a pretty solid academic school that should never be confused with a Canadian community college.

Georgetown doesn’t have a stupid effing mascot.

To summarize:

Georgetown is the best school in which Tremont would play and start from Day One.

Georgetown would build its team and offense around Tremont.

Patrick Ewing’s NBA experience means that his coaching and style of play would translate well for Tremont and would make Tremont more appealing to the NBA game.

So, like we said: the decision seems kind of easy, no? Maybe the Hoyas and Mr. Waters should rekindle this romance and get that #3 jersey ready…..