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Recruits? Assistant Coaches? Anything?

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I was spinnin' 'round a dead dial

Just another lost number in a file

Dancin' down a dark hole

Just searchin' for a world with some soul

This is radio nowhere, is there anybody alive out there?

This is radio nowhere, is there anybody alive out there?

Is there anybody alive out there?

It’s been a full week since Patrick Ewing was introduced as Georgetown’s new head coach, and while one week isn’t going to make or break his coaching career by any stretch, the lack of movement (at least publicly) in assembling a coaching staff has been discouraging to Georgetown fans who were expecting to have one in place by now.

Though the wave of momentum and optimism that Ewing would hit the ground running and put together an effective staff is waning slowly, there really isn’t any reason to panic.

First, we know Ewing has his priorities straight when his first order of business after talking with the current team was to get on a plane to visit former commit Tremont Waters. We don’t know anything about what happened during that meeting, and while we would have loved to see Ewing emerge from the Waters house with a re-commitment in tow, it’s encouraging that Waters has yet to take any visits to other schools yet. Whether or not Georgetown should move on from Waters and look to others to possibly fill his shoes at the PG spot is another story, though my guess is that we aren’t going to wait around forever while he makes up his mind. Though we are currently in a “dead period” on the recruiting calendar, the live period resumes on Thursday and runs until April 19th.

Second, while there isn’t an official coaching staff in place, it hasn’t stopped Ewing from reaching out to transfers. Though I’m not at liberty to mention the names of certain players Georgetown has reached out to at this time, I can confirm that Ewing is making phone calls and arranging visits.

As far as possible assistants go, the fanbase has had a vitriolic reaction to rumors that JT3’s brother Ronny Thompson has been considered and with good reason. Not only is Thompson not qualified for the position, but putting another Thompson on the bench after Ewing’s own son isn’t permitted to sit on it would be a horrible move from an optics standpoint, and signal to the college hoops landscape that John Thompson, Jr. is still controlling things at the school - which he very well may be anyway.

One name for assistant coach that seems to be gaining traction is Karl Hobbs. Hobbs, who was Ewing’s teammate in high school, was the associate head coach at Rutgers this season, the former head coach at GW, and an assistant coach at UConn (his alma mater) before that. At GW, Hobbs led the Colonials to two A-10 Championships and three NCAA Tournament appearances, and has a proven ability to recruit in the northeast and the DMV. Other candidates are HERE.

Feel free to add anything you are hearing in the comments below.