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City of Greensboro Vanquishes Jim Boeheim

boeheim nose

Big ups to folks behind the twitter account for the City of Greensboro, North Carolina, which vanquished Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim after the coach’s usual whiny statements after its loss this afternoon in the ACC Tournament. Greensboro, of course, was the previous host of the ACC Tournament before Syracuse and the other money-hoarding schools in the Conference so rudely ditched it for the greener pastures and pseudo-hipster confines of Brooklyn, NY.


Casual Hoya commenter ‘Otto’s AAU Squad’ had the following comment with breaking news from Georgetown:

Georgetown University Governance Press Release

The McCourt School of Public Policy has officially nominated the City of Greensboro as a candidate to receive an honorary Georgetown University degree. In the faculty’s statement to the Board of Directors and President John DeGioia, the faculty cited the City of Greensboro’s "genuine achievement and distinction in a field or activity consonant with the mission of the University."

As a reminder: