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WATCH: The Moment JT3 Wouldn’t Answer Question About Program’s Future

NCAA Basketball: Marquette at Georgetown Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

This is the moment that Georgetown Sports Information Director Mex Carey stepped in after a question by Ben Standig to notify the media gathered at the postgame press conference that JT3 would only be addressing questions specific to the Villanova game and not those related to the future of the program.

A number of national outlets including Deadspin made it seem like it was Carey that shut down reporters who dared to ask a question regarding JT3’s future, and while that might be true, it seems from the above that JT3 expected Carey to step in after that question was asked, and one might conclude that he had requested as much at some point this week or before the press conference.

Regardless of who was the puppet master behind the press conference, we are now at the point where Georgetown and JT3 have lost the faith of the fanbase. From the recap of today’s game:

We may be rapidly approaching a point of no return, if we’re not there already. By consistently drowning out paying fans, and by refusing to be responsive to routine media inquiries, Georgetown basketball risks alienating fans in ways that go far beyond wins and losses. A program that has descended into irrelevance in the past two seasons, and has seen declining attendance figures, cannot afford to isolate itself from its base, driving a diminishing group of fans ever farther away. And yet, that’s precisely what Georgetown did this week.