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Georgetown Hoyas Coaching Search: The Latest

thompson center

It has been five days since Georgetown fired John Thompson III, and though we have precious little real information emanating from search for Georgetown’s next coach, this is what we know about the rumored candidates:

Shaka Smart:

- True or not, Shaka is rumored to be Georgetown’s #1 target. While he hasn’t issued a statement suggesting he is committed to Texas, there is this reasonably legitimate report from this morning suggesting he might be staying put.

Then again, this same source had the below back in 2010:

Update: Shaka Smart has declined Georgetown’s offer, per CBS.

Danny Hurley:

- Hurley would seemingly be choice #2, and like Shaka there hasn’t been any statement from him or Rhode Island regarding his intentions. Hurley is a popular choice among the fanbase. There is the below regarding a possible contract extension, which is kind of an odd thing to put out publicly without actually an announcement of the extension itself.

Patrick Ewing:

- Ewing has become the media darling in this race, with The Undefeated pimping his candidacy and Stan Van Gundy heaping praise on him. In case you’re wondering what influence ‘The Undefeated’ or Stan Van Gundy may have over the Georgetown coaching search, it is as much influence as you have. His candidacy has been met with moderate support among Hoyas fans, who respect Ewing as one of the greatest Hoyas of all-time but are wary of the continued tie to the Thompsons.

Tom Crean:

- We know Crean was spotted at The Tombs the day JT3 was fired, though this seems like mere coincidence. Crean is a good candidate, though I haven’t heard any concrete reports regarding his involvement.

Mike Brey:

- Hasn’t been much noise surrounding Brey and he would make a logical candidate given his DC roots. For all we know he either hasn’t been contacted or is in deep negotiations to be the next coach. My guess is more the former at this point.

Update: Mike Brey has declined Georgetown’s offer, per CBS.

Richard Pitino:

- We know Pitino’s father has contacted the school regarding his son’s candidacy, but that and a nickel will get you a pickle. He clearly wants the job, the question is whether the school wants him.

Tommy Amaker:

- Amaker was one of the 1st names linked to the opening and was immediately voted down by the fanbase that doesn’t believe he’s much of an improvement over JT3.

Ed Cooley:

- The Cooley rumors generated heat yesterday but faded last night after he stated he was staying at Providence.

Jamion Christian:

- The young gun in this chase, Christian is a popular choice among Hoyas fans and he is saying all the right things. Questions remain as to whether he’s ready to make this kind of leap. I would think the job would have to be turned down by a few of the others to get to him, but that might not be a bad thing.

Randy Bennett:

- New addition to the mix, the St. Mary’s coach has led the Gaels to lots of wins but modest postseason success out West.

Link to bios and blurbs on all of the rumored candidates to date RIGHT HERE.

Feel free to drop any links to rumors or speculation regarding any of the above or others in the comments below.