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Open Thread! Qasual Questions & the Round of 64

National productivity takes a hit during March Madness. Do your part.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-South Regional Practice Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

It's here! 32 games will be played over the course of the next two days, creating an inimitable variety of sports sensory overload. There will be crazy upsets, devastating near-misses and probably a few blowouts. Six Big East teams remain, and hopefully the rest of our conference-mates keep it together in the first round.

There's 60+ hours of possible basketball coming up, so get comfortable. Document your lunch, document your NCAA Tournament-watch setup, or document the slashes you've carved into your desk as the days tick by with no word on what decisions Georgetown has made regarding the future of the program. The choice is yours.

Here's a fresh group of QQs to chew on while you flip between games:

  1. What are your weekend plans?
  2. Is it acceptable to eat someone else's leftovers from the fridge?
  3. Favorite March Madness memory? (Or least favorite, if that's your mood...)
  4. Most overrated finger food - mozzarella sticks, chicken wings, potato skins, or other?
  5. Will John Thompson III be the coach of the Hoyas next season?
  6. Extra Credit: What's the plan for dinner?

Schedules are below. Announcer pairings are here. You have until 12:10 EST to join the bracket contest. Now let's all enjoy some heartbreak-free basketball.

Thursday (March 16)

#4 Butler vs. #13 Winthrop - 1:30pm on TNT

#6 Maryland vs. #11 Xavier - 6:50pm on TNT

#1 Villanova vs. #16 Mount St. Mary’s - 7:10pm on CBS

Friday (March 17)

#8 Arkansas vs. #9 Seton Hall - 1:30pm on TNT

#6 Creighton vs. #11 Rhode Island - 4:30pm on TBS

#7 South Carolina vs. #10 Marquette - 9:50pm on TBS