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Documentation from Campus: Open-Air Petition?

A message saying, “Fire JT3” was written in the snow.

Verizon Center staff (probably) can’t take this sign away.
Ryssdal/Symonds, 2017

While the rest of the East Coast was sound asleep and awaiting a snow day, a couple of enterprising students took advantage of the lovely blank canvas created by Mother Nature on Cooper Field. It would appear that Spring Break was not nearly long enough to let feelings on the basketball program fade into the background.

While the administration remains characteristically mute, Tait Ryssdal and Theo Symonds (both SFS ’20) decided to make a statement and put their artistic skills to use last night, right in the center of campus. They created a large, succinct “petition” to share their opinion on the current coaching situation with the campus community.

It’s worth noting that the group planned and executed their strategy well (they must’ve had a good coach?), tracing clear, even letters in the snow. Georgetown students even have high standards for blizzard art!

Check it out.

A room with a view?
Anonymous, 2017

The Big Picture.
Ryssdal/Symonds, 2017

Location, location, location. Visible from Hariri, Yates, Harbin, VCW and SWQ.
Ryssdal/Symonds, 2017

(Unless I hear otherwise, I will assume that the other student who submitted photos would prefer to remain anonymous.)