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How Low Can You Go? Relive Georgetown’s Season of Rock Bottoms!

Big Day

What separates this season from most others is the sheer number of seeming "rock bottoms" we have experienced. Every time I think we’ve reached the nadir, something more tragic happens. To wit:

The Maryland Loss: Yikes, did we really just blow that game? How many turnovers did we have in the last two minutes? This was literally one week after the election (which is not meaningful unless it was meaningful to you).

The Arkansas State Loss: Oh, here we go again. Another ODU. Except in this game we trailed by like 25 points. Can it get any worse?

The Wisconsin Loss: Yes, yes it can. Sure, we beat Oregon, but we literally had one offensive rebound against the Badgers. They were tougher, more disciplined and out-rebounded the crap out of us. Jay Bilas had nothing positive to say, and everything was terrible until….

The Oklahoma State Loss: Yup, even worse. We committed close to thirty turnovers in this ugliness and trailed by a thousand points to a team that was fairly mediocre throughout the season. At least we still had the conference season to look forward to….

The Butler Loss: Until this game. You can’t start off conference play with an 0-4 record and expect to finish in the top half. We had this game won five times. But then we missed free throws, some tall dude hit a three to tie it, we missed a shot and then failed to grab a key defensive board at the end. I was in a hotel room. I hurt my hand. It felt better after we crushed St. John’s and beat UConn, but then….

The Providence Loss: We got manhandled at home by 18 to a team that no longer has Dunn or Bentil. This marked the Friars’ sixth straight win against us. But, but, but….we later won three in a row, including big ones against Creighton and at Butler! We were back in contention again, until….

The Seton Hall Loss: We made 1 out of 20 threes. Angel Delgado made a ton of free throws. We had this game won multiple times, but we choked at the end, again. We realized we really weren’t that good, but took heart in our ability to beat the bottom feeders until….

The DePaul Loss: At home. Blowing a double digit lead. Blowing a five point lead with a couple of mins to go. Botching the final offensive possession (which resulted in an air ball), and then committing a foul with .2 seconds to go to allow DePaul to seal it. And then Billy Garrett Jr. called us soft. Which was really just the worst thing ever, until….

The Villanova Loss: Senior day. A capacity crowd of Nova fans. We get blown out by 26 and Josh Hart and Kris Jenkins get the send-off they deserve in what became the Hoyas’ worst loss to Nova in 60+ years. Plus some other shenanigans with the fans and the post-game presser. Rock bottom again, until….

So many rock bottoms, but we did beat Syracuse. And we didn’t lose by 33 at home to St. John’s. And our coach isn’t a whiny Greensboro-hating cheater who only eats at Wegman’s. So I guess it’s all relative?