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Sleeping with the Enemy: The Blue Demons of DePaul

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And the beat goes on for the surging Hoyas, who play DePaul in the penultimate home game of the season and try not to drop to .500 on the season. Here to provide a little more info on the Blue Demons before the game is Dan Stack, who you can find over at Fan Rag Sports covering the Big East! Let’s do this!

DePaul! You're bad, we're bad. Are you ready to watch some all-around bad basketball?


Since most of your fans want John Thompson III fired, can you just give us this one? It's remarkable that DePaul has never beaten Georgetown in the regular season since it joined the Big East. Doesn't mean I don't remember

Yeah, we just want the season to end, but many fans do want some momentum and ANY win would be nice. So, do us a favor and not show up.

The Blue Demons haven't exceeded six wins in Big East play in a decade and have been rebuilding for a long time. How do DePaul fans deal with the continued lack of success?

It's exhausting.

So many of our fans, the little that remain, have a wide range of emotions that span anger, apathy, frustration and a general malaise. We want to believe, but the product on the floor does not inspire a lot of hope.

Heck, we will take any sort of progress. We'll at least settle for being close to .500 for God's sake. Someday soon, the basketball Gods will give us a break. Are you there God, it's me a DePaul fan?

Are there at least any talented recruits who DePaul fans can pin their hopes onto for next season?

I'm glad you asked that question. Despite much anger and apathy, there is

There are three to four newcomers that do offer a substantial amount of promise.

First we're welcoming in two very talented transfers.

Look for Division II standout Max Strus to make the biggest impact. He was a first-team Division II All-American and hit a growth spurt that allowed him to blossom into a star. I have read some glowing reviews and check out this video clip.

He reminds me a lot of Wally Szczerbiak. BTW, Xavier and Butler both wanted him when he decided to transfer

Then we welcome in Ohio State transfer Austin Grandstaff. Any time to you welcome in a former four-star, Jordan Brand All-American, you have to get a little excited. Both he and Strus are known to have a sweet stroke from deep among the other talents they possess.

Plus, we welcome in a four-star (according to point guard Justin Roberts and he is the speedy, shifty pass-first point guard we need. Then we got a promising 6'10” big man Jaylen Butz coming in and he is the rugged rebounder we desperately need. Although he is not polished offensively, he can rebound, block shots and pass well out of double teams.

We also are bringing in a big with a lot of skills in Paul Reed, but more than likely he will need some time to put on weight and mature into his role.

Moving on to teams that have a bit more hope, the Rangers have been pretty hot lately. That being said, I'm still worried about their ability to make a deep playoff run in a tough East. Assuming they make the playoffs, what do you think will be the key to their success?

While it's true I'm a Ranger fan and love them to death, hockey is my fourth favorite sport and I'm not too tuned into the intricacies of the game.

That said, I do see your argument as the East is loaded with Washington, Pittsburgh, Columbus, etc. I think for the Rangers to do well, they will need great goal tending as scoring has always been a problem in the playoffs. So, defense and goal tending will have to be on point if the Rangers continue to struggle putting the puck in the net.

We need Henrik Lundqvist to reach deep down and be a stud, as he has shown to be very vulnerable this year. Although to his credit, he has really stepped up of late.

Did you get the chance to watch any of the NBA All-Star weekend? It seemed a bit more disappointing than usual. Thoughts?

What a joke. I mean, I know they play zero defense, but damn, players were straight up just standing around. You were lucky if some players were even jogging up the court. A combined 122 three-point attempts?

Saturdays slam-dunk contest was one of the worst I've seen. The whole weekend was just hollow entertainment.

Please rank your three favorite kinds of french fry.

I take this to mean, french fries of the fast-food variety and not the texture of the fry. If not, it is curly, waffle and shoe-string, but what else is there?

But when it comes to fast food, I like Three Guys, Burger King and Popeye’s.

We asked this to Creighton's blogger before our last game & I'm interested to hear your opinion. When you put a roll of toilet paper in its holder, should the toilet paper hang from over the roll or under it?

First, I hate when people get all up in arms about this. I don't really care. It's not there's a whole lot of effort involved with reaching for the TP. However, if I had to be pinned down to make a choice, I prefer over the roll.

Final score prediction?

Again, can you just let us have this one? Otherwise, I see it Georgetown 72 DePaul 65