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“Georgetown’s Recent Mediocrity is Not Sustainable for the Long-Term Health of the Conference”

NCAA Basketball: Georgetown at Villanova Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Interesting piece from The Comeback today on the origins of the “new” Big East, which should only make things more depressing for Hoyas fans. The entire article is RIGHT HERE, a few Georgetown-related nuggets below:

- Georgetown, long a stalwart of the old league along with archrival (and departing) Syracuse, was a top-10 team that previous season

- The Hoyas were the lone holdout late in the process of jumping ship back in 2012.

- Once Georgetown signed on, however, they continued their leadership role off the court.

- The early days of the new conference seemed to indicate a repetition of the old conference’s pecking order. Georgetown way up top, then everyone else below.

- The on-the-court results haven’t reflected as much, though.

- They needed a dominant team (in this case, Georgetown) to deliver that brand to the rest of the country.

- Despite the Wildcats becoming a more visible program on a national scale, Georgetown has always been a large portion of the Big East’s meal ticket.

- The recent mediocrity isn’t necessarily sustainable for the long-term health of the conference.

This is all just very depressing.