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Sleeping with the Enemy: The Golden Terds of Marquette

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Marquette Warriors? Marquette Golden Eagles? Marquette GOLDEN TERDS. Here with us to dish on all things Golden Terds are our best (and now perhaps former) blog buddies at Anonymous Eagle, your source for all things Golden Terd. Let’s do this.

Marquette! We shall feast upon your innards for lunch and then document it as we begin our inevitable march toward a National Championship berth in the NIT! How has Big East play treated you?

In the immortal words of Pete Campbell, not great, Bob!

The way I see it, league play has had three stages for Marquette:

Stage 1: Frustrating close losses matched evenly with wins in the first six games

Stage 2: Shocking victories (at Creighton and vs Villanova)

Stage 3: Minor disaster (getting squeaked twice at home; getting punched in the face by St. John's)

It could be going better! In just the span of two weeks, Marquette has gone from "well, they're obviously getting into the tournament" to "weelllllllll, let's talk about this for a moment." It would really be preferable for everyone involved if Marquette is the one doing the feasting on innards on Saturday.

As you can tell by the rhetoric above, I think it's high time Georgetown start a new rivalry and Marquette seems like a good pick. So far every year since the Big East realignment there's been at least one thriller of a game between the two of us, so what do you think?

The nature of a rivalry since The Reformation has been a topic of conversation amongst Marquette fans on and off the past few years. We really don't have a big rivalry pairing that we can look forward to twice a season, so I welcome the idea of glaring angrily across the court at the Hoyas on a regular basis.

Two caveats to this, though: Marquette refuses to stoop to Syracuse-level illicit shenanigans in order to help foster this rivalry, and second: I am really not looking forward to Saturday's game being another thriller of a game. MU keeps playing too many of these this season and my doctor says it's bad for my adrenal gland.

People who claim to know things tend to put Marquette on or near the NCAA Tournament bubble. What do you and other Marquette fans think about the team's chances at making it?

I am the founding member of Team Get 10 Big East Wins when it comes to the possibility of making the NCAA tournament, so with six tries left to get the four wins that Marquette needs, I'm feeling relatively optimistic about it. The folks in the fanbase who are busy mixing equal parts cyanide and Kool-Aid are probably also not wrong after MU clanked three straight seemingly winnable games since beating Villanova. It would definitely be easier to get to 10 wins if the Golden Eagles had nine of them right now, that's for sure. #MathIsFun

The Golden Eagles seem to be quite a balanced team, with six players averaging more than 10 points per game. Of those six, which one would likely give Georgetown the most trouble?

The obvious answer is Markus Howard, who torched the Hoyas for 23 in his Big East debut earlier this season. The 17 year old freshman is shooting 52% on three-pointers this season, which is, believe it or not, tied with Kansas' Frank Mason for the second best average in the country. They have literally the exact same number of makes and attempts, which is kind of freaky.

The other answer is the one it'll be reeeeeaaaaaaalllly funny to see, and that's Jajuan Johnson. You might remember the Memphis native from the FS1 postgame interview after the first meeting between Marquette and Georgetown when he called the Hoyas, and this is a quote, "lazy" on defense. He had 20 points, five rebounds, five assists, and four steals in that game, and I am going to laugh my butt off if he torches Georgetown in the Verizon Center.

Students at Marquette seem to show up in droves to games, even without a nationally ranked team or an on-campus arena. What, in your eyes, drives students to come to games? Does it have to do with a lack of other things to do or does the program do something in particular to market it to students?

Uh, yeah, about that. Your definition of "droves" leaves something to be desired.

Let me put it this way: For the home game against #1 ranked Villanova, the Marquette student section was not even half-full at tip off. Now, by the time the second half rolled around, it was actually mostly full. Tuesday night's game against #22 Butler? The lower bowl section was full (the student section is on the end by the visitor's bench), but I would be shocked to find out if there were 250 students in the upper deck.

The way I see it, Marquette has two problems when it comes to student seating. First, this year's senior class has never seen an NCAA tournament team. They were freshman in Buzz Williams' final year when Marquette was picked to win the Big East and then missed the NIT. Then came Steve Wojciechowski's first year, which was bad, and then last year, which ended without a postseason appearance again. They rightfully don't have any expectation of seeing the team win on a regular basis at home, and that has muted the whole student body's attendance as the lack of interest trickles downwards.

The other problem is that the student section is waaaaaaaay too big. It's about 4,000 seats, and as of this past fall, Marquette's undergrad enrollment was 8,238. Expecting literally half of campus to show up for games to fill the student section to the brim is a hard ask, and even getting it to three-quarters is an awful lot. I have noticed that Marquette has started putting yard signs all over campus to remind everyone about upcoming games, and that has not been the case in recent years. If the team's not winning, you have to at least raise awareness of when the games are taking place to get them into the building.

Please rank your top 3 fast food chains and provide your reasoning.

1) Culver's. I think this is enough of a national brand at this point where I can claim them. Look, it's burgers and frozen custard milkshakes. It's not complicated.

2) Popeye's. If you can't get down with delicious fried chicken, we can't be friends.

3) Wendy's. I guess? I'm tempted to put McDonalds here merely for All Day Breakfast, but it's not that good.

Honorable mentions to In-N-Out and Whataburger. I do not have regular access to them in Wisconsin, so I see it to be unfair to include them in my list. I will be visiting my in-laws in Texas this summer and plan on visiting them at least once. Or twice. Or maybe I will get up early and walk to the Whataburger that's within a mile of their house every morning for a Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit.

Although I haven't seen it yet, I am legally obligated to note that many people are saying that Emma Stone has put in the most tremendous performance anyone has ever seen in the film La La Land. Thoughts? Are there any other movies that you've seen lately that you would recommend?

Legally obligated? What kind of crummy contract did someone force you into signing??

Anyway, due to odd schedules with the wife character and relatively small children, I have not seen La La Land. Or any of the movies nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars to be honest. Or any of the movies nominated for Best Director, Best Acting, or Best Screenplay. Things happen. I am, however, very much looking forward to The Lego Batman Movie. LIFE DOESN'T GIVE YOU SEATBELTS.

What's the strangest roadside attraction you have ever been to or driven past?

F*** Wall Drug.

Have you ever been to Wall Drug? I have. If you drive west from Milwaukee towards Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, you start to become inundated by signs for Wall Drug probably somewhere after you cross the Mississippi River. "Only 500 more miles to Wall Drug!" "Only 393 more miles to Wall Drug!" And so forth.

And then, finally, about 90 minutes outside of Black Hills National Forest, where Mount Rushmore is, right as you're in the area of Badlands National Park, there's Wall Drug. "FINALLY MADE IT," said my 10 year old brain. "This is going to be great."

Nope. It's a 76,000 square foot tacky souvenir stand in a town of 800 people. It is absolute garbage and you should never visit there. South Dakota should be ashamed of themselves.

Final Score Prediction?

Marquette 85, Georgetown 73, Audible "We Are Marquette" chants on the TV broadcast 2.