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Sleeping with the Enemy: The Black Bears of Maine

Learn about all things Maine prior to Tuesday night’s matchup!

How are your Georgetown Hoyas doing this year? They’re UNDEFEATED! The mighty powerhouse Hoyas will do battle in their fifth contest of the season against the Maine Black Bears of the America East Conference. Here with more on all things Maine, it’s Adam Darling, sports editor of The Maine Campus, the student newspaper of the University of Maine. You can find him on Twitter @adarl82, as well as the paper, @themainecampus.

Maine! Tell us something cool or interesting about the University of Maine that we might not know if we didn't go there.

The entire campus was built on an island, so there aren’t any buildings taller than four stories. Otherwise, they would sink.

How's the basketball team been doing so far this season? What sort of expectations do fans have for the team?

The expectations are pretty low. The team has won just 18 games in the three seasons before this and currently sit at 1-5 after facing the likes of BC and Texas Tech, among others. This year they’ve been competitive in games that could have gone either way, but this team has a hard time finishing what they start. I don’t think 10 wins is far out of reach, but they have to finish what they start to get those close ones.

Who are some good players on the Black Bears who we should be keeping an eye on?

This team isn’t really built around superstars. We had a bit of an exodus the last couple of years, including Isaac Vann and top scorer Kevin Little both leaving before last season.

More so, it seems like it is different players night in and night out. Point guard Aaron Calixte was solid against Boston, dropping 22. Against Quinnipiac, it was Vernon Lowndes, Jr, who was perfect from the floor and finished with 20.

So... is the hockey team going to the Frozen Four this year?

According to the diehards, we should be going every year. I do like the direction this team is headed, but they need to prove they can beat the big boys of Hockey East before we talk Frozen Four.

Any thoughts on how Patrick Ewing has done so far as Georgetown's head coach?

Overall, it seems like he is doing a good job with what sounds like is a young squad. I would have liked to see what they could have done against Michigan State or North Carolina, as it would have been a good tune up for Villanova or Butler or Creighton, but it has to be tough to replace a legendary coach. And for what he’s been able to do so far is a good indication for things to come.

Where in Maine can you find the best lobster roll?

Stewman’s Lobster Pound in Bar Harbor is top notch for seafood in general. The lobster roll is made with lobster chilled to just the right temperature with just enough mayo to hold it together without being overpowering.

I've recently been watching "Rick and Morty" and have enjoyed it. Do you watch it at all and if not, what TV have you been watching lately?

Rick and Morty is hilarious. Can’t wait for season 4.

Please rank the following social networks and explain your reasoning: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat

I’ve been using Facebook the longest, and it’s where I’ve been posting my articles for the Maine Campus. The rest of them, I don’t really use that often to have strong opinions.

Final score prediction?

Gonna be a realist: Georgetown wins 86-67. I don’t think we’re there yet to beat a traditional powerhouse from a conference like the Big East.