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Weekend Recap: Hoyas - VCU Secret Scrimmage, More Ewing!

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thompson center

Your Fighting Hoyas of Georgetown faced VCU on Saturday in a top secret scrimmage, and while we don’t have many details as to what went down, there are a few nuggets from VCU’s Ram Nation message board:

It was a one possession game late. Georgetown owned the glass but our Rams did a good job with pressure D. They were able to make them uncomfortable and cause turnovers. Khris Lane, Issac Vann, and Johnny Williams played well. The team shot it badly in the second half. But all in all it sounds like definite step in the right direction.

Don't have any specifics but was told we looked good and played well. No Tillman yesterday but we all know what he can do so an opportunity to get other guys some burn, see what they can do.


Natty, Yesterday at 12:57 PMduncanlamb said:

Competitive against VCU? Owned the glass? I’ll take it!

And this morning, more Ewing/Thompson stuff from one of the nationals, this time from Dana O’Neil and The Athletic:

“I’m very competitive, but I have to be patient,’’ Ewing says. “When I got this job, one of the things I tried to tell the fans is that don’t think, ‘Hey, Patrick got the job. We’re good.’ This is going to take some time.’’

Paranoia, after all, takes time to fester.

And finally, the best part of the weekend: