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The Casual Awards: Hinkle Magic

NCAA Basketball: Georgetown at Butler Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Before we begin:

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On with the show...

The Chris Wright Heart of a Champion Award:

Jessie Govan.

NCAA Basketball: Creighton at Georgetown Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Not since our win against UNC-Greensboro has Jessie G. dazzled us with such a sweet performance. Govan’s feathery touch was visible from the free throw line, in the middle of the court, and of course from beyond the arc. He converted on eight of nine shots from the field, including all three of his three point attempts, tied a season high with 20 points, and chipped in a very casual three boards and three assists. When Jessie is hitting those mid-range and perimeter shots, it really opens things up in the interior for our cutters. If teams are going to focus on Peak and Pryor, then Govan should be able to get his looks, and he becomes as valuable, if not more so, than whatever is in the goddamn fuckin' floor safe.

The 1985 Villanova Wildcats Award for being Unconscious from the Floor in the Second Half of a Game:

The Georgetown Hoyas.

Umm, we somehow shot 72.7% in the second half and 63.8% for the game. Our offense was crazy efficient. All layups and threes. A basketball analytics nerd’s fever dream [stares pointedly at SwordOfBrunner].

Makes you wonder how the game was as close as it was.

The DSR Award for Just Bringin’ it Every Damn Night:

L.J. Peak.

NCAA Basketball: Georgetown at Creighton Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Our guy Peak once again put in a solid, workmanlike performance with a cool 22 points and six assists. L.J. has looked smooth in our offense. His jump shot is back, he’s been tough with the ball, he’s even finding ways to score without his usual patented twisting slashes to the basket, and when he sees a help defender at the tin, he is making the extra pass to an open teammate for an easier bucket.

It’s weird to think of anyone having a quiet 22, but L.J. did just that.

The Roy Hibbert Award for Clutch Treys By a Big Man:

Jessie Govan.

The shot, with Georgetown clinging to a two point lead with just over a minute to play, was a thing of beauty. As the Hoyas moved the ball patiently around the perimeter, everyone expected Pryor to jack up a contested three. Instead, the ball found its way to Govan at the top of the key, where he has been so cool throughout his career.

Unlike the Hibbert three, which came out of nowhere, Govan’s trey was pretty typical for Jessie, who is now shooting 25-48 from deep over two seasons in Blue and Gray - a 52% clip. It’s almost like he’s a stretch 5. Kind of like this guy...

The “Get In The Car, Frank” Award For Putting an End to Streaking:


We’re tired of all of these silly streaks:

  • Butler was undefeated at home this season and hadn't lost at home in a year. Yeah, not anymore.
  • Butler was 30-0 in games in which it scored 80 or more points under Chris Holtmann. Yeah, not anymore.
  • Georgetown hadn’t recorded a Big East road win in over a year. Yeah, not anymore.
  • Butler was 51-7 when leading at halftime under Chris Holtmann. Yeah, not anymore.
  • Georgetown had played 23 straight Big East games without winning consecutive games. Yeah, not anymore.

The "I See You, Kaleb Johnson" Award:


We see you, Kaleb Johnson. Your six points and two boards in 12 minutes were workmanlike and efficient. You didn’t commit too many fouls or force the issue. You made some good passes, had a couple of nice cuts to the basket, and even made both free throw attempts. Way to hang in there, young man.

The Nostradamus Award:

Chris Holtmann.

Before this contest, Butler’s coach inexplicably called Georgetown “one of the hottest teams in the conference.” We’re all for motivational tools, but how the hell was a 2-6 team in the Big East one of the hottest teams? Maybe Holtmann knew something we didn’t.

The Reggie Miller Award for Scoring Eight Points in Nine Seconds:

Rodney Pryor.

OK, so our guy Rodney didn’t go full Reggie Miller, but with 9:10 left in the second half, he scored on four straight Georgetown possessions over two minutes, including three threes, ah ah ah

The one man 11-4 run took the score from 61-61 to 72-65, and the Hoyas never trailed after that. Did we mention that he did it all with four fouls? JTIII was actually trying to take him out of the game, but Hot Rod just decided to take over.

While it’s true that Pryor still forces his shot a bit too often for our liking (we’d prefer to see him get those looks in the flow of our offense after a few passes), it’s also true that Pryor has the ability to just take it to the next level.

For that reason, we’re introducing a new mainstay to these Awards: the “Pryor’s on Fire” Award, dedicated to the Hoya who takes over the game and hits clutch shots during key stretches.

The OMG I Hope Tom Brady Gets Hit by a Bus Award:


Because he hopes Tom Brady gets hit by a bus. If you disagree, as a reminder:

Let’s go Falcons. You are now America’s Team.

[SwordOfBrunner note: pretty sure only the mighty Elisha Manning can smite the Patriots in the Super Bowl.]

Also, Happy Chinese New Year, everyone. TOM BRADY IS THE WORST.

The Pterodactyl Award for Hitting an Improbable Late Game Basket to Seal a Victory:

Jon Mulmore.

Y’all remember that acrobatic lay-in that Bowen hit against Louisville during that majestic 2012-13 season?

This time around, it was Jonny Mulmore, whose sole basket of the game put the Hoyas up five points with 20 seconds left. Once again, Jonny gave us his Mul-MOST.

The Bill Raftery Award for Colorful In-Game Commentary:

Doug Gottlieb?

Dougie McTerrible was, surprisingly, good? If we’re being honest, he was insightful, equally critical of poor refereeing on both sides (including his disbelief at the Mulmore offensive foul late in the second half), pointed out our defensive lapses when there were lapses, and complimented us when we deserved complimenting. No need to sing his praises too much, but he really wasn’t bad at all.

The Markel Starks Award for Providing Vocal Leadership during Key Stretches of a Game:

Akoy Agau.

Dude only had two points in nine minutes, but on a team that has been sorely lacking vocal leadership, he was visibly chatty. Keep up the good work, Agau.

Akoy, maties!

The Billy Joel Award for Going to Extremes:


Lose to Maryland in heartbreaking fashion and then drop one to Arkansas State. Season over. Beat Oregon. We’re back! Get shellacked by Wisconsin and then abused by Oklahoma State. Season over. Win at the Carrier Dome. Not done yet, son! Lose at Marquette, lose to Xavier, lose at Providence, lose a heartbreaker to Butler. We’re finished. Fire everyone. Thanks, Obama. Destroy St. John’s and win a fierce contest against UConn. We might be good again! Get embarrassed at home by Providence. Season over. Beat Creighton. Huh. Win at Butler. We’re going to Phoenix!

In the words of the great Billy Joel: “Darlin’ I don’t know why I go to extremes. Too high or too low, there ain’t no in between.” Truer words have never been spoken about the Georgetown University Fighting Fanbase.

[SwordOfBrunner note: Please never make me embed Billy Joel ever again. Ever. To the extreme.]

The Second Annual Montgomery Burns Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence:

Roger Federer.


The Bill Mumphrey Award for Unbridled Enthusiasm:


To have a fighting shot at getting a Tourney bid, we probably need to go 7-2 in the second half of conference play. Unlikely? Yes. Impossible? We don’t think so. We play Villanova, DePaul and Seton Hall twice and then have single games at St. John’s and Creighton, with a home tilt against Marquette.

Hmmm. Which leads us to…..

The OMG, Please Don't Ruin all of the Juju by Going out there on Tuesday and Losing to F*cking DePaul:

Your Georgetown Hoyas.

Please don’t lose to f*cking DePaul, you guys. Just cover Billy Garrett and step on their throats.

Let’s go Hoyas. Beat DePaul.