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Sleeping with the Enemy: The Friars of Providence

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Your Fighting Hoyas of Georgetown face Providence once again and as usual we here at THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON are bringing you everything you need to know about our next opponent. Here with us to drop Friar knowledge is our good buddy @TheWarriorFriar. Let’s do this!

Round 2! You ready? I'm ready!

When Georgetown & Providence match up Monday night, it'll only be 12 days since they last matched up. That's virtually no time at all and yet you still found time to lose to DePaul. How the hell did that happen?

Good question, that game was a nightmare. Logically I can point to a few things - we got pretty relaxed and stopped playing aggressively, trying to coast towards the finish line and it bit us in the ass. We also couldn't get an inbound pass for the last two minutes or something and DePaul just completely punked us on every opportunity. We blew it on a wide open bunny with seconds left that would have resulted in a win. I guess we could blame Kyron's injury and Jalen being out of the game with an injury. We basically had the opportunity to close it, and poor coaching and game management resulted in the second time we've lost at DePaul in two years. I mostly blame the team's lack of focus and drive at the end. They played like their heads were in the cloud, like they were in La La Land or something.

What is the biggest strength and the biggest weakness for this year's Friars team?

Biggest strength is probably the depth. We're much deeper in terms of available players, but lack the talent for right now. Weakness, however, is scoring. All those bodies, all those players, and we don't have a real scoring threat like we have in years past. We have people who can score, and you'll see someone different put up good numbers on any given night, but we don't have a Bentil or Cotton or Henton this year.

Of what you've seen of Georgetown this season, what do you think is the problem? Are there aspects of the team's game that make you worry about playing against them?

I really don't know if I know the answer. It's easy to point to JT3 and say "you have had all this talent year in and year out and you still can't get it done" but I think there are problems deeper than that. Georgetown just seems to disappear at points and can't find a good rhythm. Sometimes they squeak it out like they did against UCONN the other day, and other times you get ugly losses. I really don't know if I know the answer. That said, anyone who underestimates this Hoyas team is foolish. The talent you guys have is intimidating, and far be it from me to ever underestimate Georgetown.

Give your power ranking of the top five teams in the Big East right now.

Nova, Creighton, Xavier, Butler, Marquette. I think Seton Hall is better than MQ in a head-to head despite splitting their matchups, but since MQ is currently beating Butler I'm giving them the edge.

DC's preparing for an inauguration on Friday, and the organizers have struggled to find performers. If you were becoming President and could choose three artists or bands to perform at your inauguration, who would you pick?

Can I do holograms or do they have to be living? If I can do holograms let's do Tupac, the Mos Eisley Cantina band from Star Wars, maybe Nirvana just cause I love Cobain so much. If they have to be living though I dunno, let's get White Stripes, the Black Keys, and Common.

What is your favorite kind of Girl Scout cookie and why?

Anything with peanut butter.

You live in Chicago, which is probably freezing right now. Is Chicago deep dish actually pizza, and regardless, is it better than New York-style pizza?

It's a balmy 34 right now, practically beach weather here! To dispel a few myths: Chicago deep dish is not actually pizza, it's liquid cheese and marina pie. We do not order Chicago deep dish ever. I think the only times I've eaten it is when people were in town visiting and they were like "we have to get Chicago deep dish pizza!" It takes too long to cook, you wait forever, and then one slice and you're done. There's much better pizza options in Chicago than deep dish, and we don't really even consider deep dish to be the Chicago cuisine - you gotta get an Italian beef or a Chicago style hot dog if you wanna go authentic. New York is a hell hole of a city that I hate, but they at least understand the point of pizza - big, thin slices you can eat a billion of, and cheap as hell. That said, there is one deep dish that I want to try and I hope so badly the Cubs bring it back - the Chicago deep dish hot dog pizza at Wrigley.

Final score prediction?

Friars eek out a road win despite a strong performance from G'town, 69-67.