Hoya Blue wants you! ( create new snapchat geofilters.)

Georgetown Athletics

Remember how much fun it was to design a kente court last summer? Doesn't that look nice down at the Verizon Cen---oh, wait. Scratch that. Let's start again.

Hoya Blue wants your help creating some digital artwork! They plan to launch new Snapchat geofilters for various Georgetown-centric locations later in the autumn, and are looking for input/ideas/masterpieces (obviously) from the campus community. Cooper Field, Shaw Field, Verizon Center and the general "Bleed Hoya Blue" filters are all getting a fresh look.

They're accepting submissions from now until September 30th. Suggestions must meet a few basic technical & legal criteria, all of which are outlined in the image below. And the best part is, unlike the phantom re-design to the court, you'll actually be able to see your handiwork if your filter is chosen*!


(*If you use Snapchat, that is...)

Stay Casual, my friends.

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