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Kenner League Recap: Tombs vs Clydes Player Analysis

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Kenner League -€” June 16, 2016

Jonathan Mulmore: Did not play today, most likely a result from a hard fall he took last weekend. This guy is going to be special though, an aggressive point guard who is a natural passer with the speed to beat his man to the hole on the drive. Get excited.

LJ Peak: Another solid performance for Peak as he scored in a variety of ways and was active on both ends of the floor. Fouling is still a problem, I love his energy and movement on defense, but he still makes bad fouls trying to make a play on defense. That being said he had a nice strip on Rodney Pryor going up for what would've been a vicious slam dunk.

Felt it on offense today, 13 at the half and finished with 28. Started the game with a massive dunk. Also had a great shot from the corner of the free throw line with a hand right in his face. For the most part the jumper was going for LJ today, he made a few nice step back shots.

Jessie Govan: Also had it going today on offense. He had a huge first half making shots from all over the court. Made a number of turnaround jumpers out to the 3-point line as well as a couple nice baby hook shots a few feet from the rim. His 23 points (18 in the first half) go great with 9 rebounds.

I was worried about Jessie the first couple games of the summer season, but the last few he has started to take control and dominate. He could work on conditioning a little bit but I do think come time for the regular season, he will have a special year.

Rodney Pryor: Can we find a way to get this guy for another year? He's so much fun to watch, started off slow but really turned it on by the end of the game. Continuing from his dominant game last Sunday, Rodney had 31 points (14 in the first half) despite not shooting well from 3 today. Had a number of fantastic drives and high-flying dunk attempts. Not sure if we'll see this in the regular season but it still is very impressive to watch. Sometimes I think he can be too confident in his shot, but I love the attitude, owns the moment and wants to make EVERY play. His aggressive play sets the tone for the team, and I believe his senior leadership will be a huge plus from this year.

Love everything about this kid. Not only is he a very confident shooter and a savvy defender, but he does all the little things well too. He's an excellent communicator; always talking with his teammates to make sure they're in position. Also he NEVER gives up on a play, he made a save on a ball going out of bounds that he flew to get too. He's the terrific athlete/scorer that Georgetown fans are craving and will really open some eyes this season.

Casual note: He can fly...watching him and LJ doing warm up dunks today really got the crowd going.

Jagan Mosley: Started off hot and had an overall solid performance throughout the game. Right off the bat he made a nice heads up play, steal at half court that led to an EMPHATIC dunk to start the game. He's another addition I am really excited to watch this year, an aggressive guard who's hungry for the ball on defense. Uses his long arms to his advantage and makes it very difficult on his man.

I'm excited about Jagan's potential, I really think he can be a key contributor as he develops. Even though he's a freshman, you can tell he's a smart player who puts the work in. With a crowded backcourt next season, it will be interesting to see what kind of minutes he gets.

Marcus Derrikson: Much better game then last Sunday. For the most part had a tough time defending Jessie today, but had a great block to start the game. That being said he did have a nice game on offense, with 12 in the first half and finished with 19. The play I enjoyed most today was watching him hit a big 3 with 20 seconds left in the game to put it out of reach for The Tombs.

Isaac Copeland: I only caught the second half of his game but I really liked what I saw from Isaac. You can see why he was rated so high coming out of high school, when he's active on offense and moving without the ball he can be special. Had a number of drives to the rim and drew a number of fouls that led to plenty of free throws. I don't want to jinx it but so far Isaac looks like a much more confidant player then he was last season, communicating well and asserting himself on offense. Defense could still use some work but he was active on the boards today and really got his hand in his man's face.

Hoya Saxa