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Jeff Green talks about Georgetown on Moment

Our very own BenHoya made a donation to the American Heart Association and asked Jeff Green a question about graduating from Georgetown.

Here's what Ben had to say about the video:

I have long thought that we were very lucky that Jeff got through his Georgetown career with no visible health problem considering the gravity of the heart condition that was discovered when he was in the NBA. It was thrilling to see him come back and play at a high level for the Celtics, Grizzlies and now Clippers. So when the Moments campaign was posted on the blog I thought that I would make a contribution to the Heart Association through the site and ask Jeff a question about another of his great achievements ... coming back to graduate after he had already left for the NBA. Nothing makes me prouder of the program and what it means then seeing our athletes graduate and having an impact on the world through or after basketball. I hope you agree that Jeff's comments in the video point to the wonderful opportunity that we alums experienced to improve our lives and our intellects at GU. Like Jeff I was the first person in my family to graduate with a degree and hoped my example would be a good one for my nieces and nephew. Through the video I learned some new things about Jeff and I appreciate his commitments that much more. I am glad I got to share this with the blog and do something positive in memory of all those we have lost due to heart disease.

Thanks to Ben for doing this and sharing the video with us. Check out Jeff Green's Moment page here.