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Has Patrick Ewing, Jr. Been Elevated to Assistant Coach at Georgetown?

The April recruiting period is in full swing, and while John Thompson III and assistant coach Kevin Broadus were in Virginia, the Hoyas were represented at the Under Armour event in New York City by....drumroll please...Patrick Ewing, Jr!

The Hoyas have a vacancy at one of the three assistant coach spots after Kevin Sutton left Georgetown for Pitt this week. Ewing, Jr., who was Director of Basketball Operations for the Hoyas last season, would seem to be a logical candidate to be elevated to an assistant.  The fact he's out on the recruiting trail is a strong indication that he has been, especially since per NCAA rules, the Director of Basketball Operations can't recruit.

While no word has come from the school (shocker), sources suggest that no official decision has been made.

Regardless, that pic of him with all those coaches (Calipari, Izzo, MIller, etc.) is tremendous.  He's the coolest cat in the gym.