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Welcome to Gheorghetown: Muresan's Son to Walk-On With Hoyas

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Surprising bit of news on the roster front today as Class of 2016 forward George Muresan will be a walk-on for the Hoyas next season.

Muresan, 6'9" is the son of Gheorge Muresan, who stands at 7'7" tall and was the tallest player in NBA history along with Manute Bol.

As you can see in the highlight reel below, Muresan has some skills and was offered to walk-on to a number of schools including Syracuse.  I wouldn't expect to see much of the younger Muresan on the court for the Hoyas, but if his dad makes it to Verizon for all of our home games that's a win for everyone.

Highlights below:

Welcome to the Hilltop, George Muresan!