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Sleeping with the Enemy: The Blue Demons of DePaul

We're back! After a brief hiatus as we endured the suckitude of the end of the regular season, the SWTE returns for Georgetown's improbable run through the Big East Tournament.  Get amped!  The run to glory begins tonight as Georgetown takes on DePaul in a primetime affair, and as usual our best DePaul buddy @stacdemon, a writer for and columnist for is here to bring the noise on the Blue Demons.  Let's do this!

Big East Tournament!  Georgetown! DePaul! Wednesday night in primetime! You excited or do you just want this season over and done with?


That pretty much sums it up. As a fan of a team that continues to disappoint, this is really the highlight of the year, though. Just that chance to stick it to someone hey you would know (I'm referring to 2013)! In all seriousness, regardless of the record, the Big East Tournament represents a new beginning and I love the atmosphere of the big event.

The Big enjoyed a solid regular season, and Villanova and Xavier are staking claims to being 1 seeds in the Dance. Despite that, the ratings for Big East games on FS1 stink.  Does this concern you at all?

I guess to some extent.

I obviously want to see the conference thrive. I think Fox does a bang-up job with its coverage but there problem is that people have to search for the channel On my cable box, it's a little far removed from ESPN and that hurts. Fox could do a better job marketing.

As long as they pay us I guess I'll be content.

Put yourself in our shoes for a second: do you think JT3 should be on the hot seat? Assuming you had a pick of the litter for replacements, give me a few names that you think might be a good fit.

I get the frustration. I do. But this is Thompson's first losing season. From afar, I think you have to give him at least one more year to turn things around. He's got to prove this season was an aberration and not the rule.

If they were to give him the ax, well, stay away from the Ivy League I suggest. All joking aside, I think a guy that is connected to DMV well would help tremendously. GW's Mark Lonergan and St. Bonaventure's Mark Schmidt could also work perhaps? Take that with a grain a salt, as I'm not keyed in on who is hot on the market right now.

How about Pat Ewing?

Too bad Shaka won't likely be a target anymore. He would have been an ideal fit, as he is the polar opposite of JT3.

More of the same out of DePaul next season? When can we finally expect a damn turnaround out of you clowns?

Don't call us clowns; making fun of DePaul is some tired-out rhetoric and uninspiring nor very original. I kid, though. I get it...we do suck.

But no, next year probably will be a bit of the same. We lose our best player (Myke Henry) and our best interior defender (Rashaun Stimage) and it's gonna take a while to get over that. That said, I do love Leitao's recruiting class and in particular recruits Brandon Cyrus and Devin Gage offer a lot of promise. I see another slow start next year with incremental improvement down the line. There is hope that by Leitao's third year €”and when the new arena opens up we'll have have some new solid recruits to rely on and help build up that buzz. Year three for Leitao will be his make-or-break season.

What's the best part of being in NYC covering the Big East Tournament? What's the food spread like for media?

Just the electricity and buzz in the air. With so many fanbases coming together and interacting and seeing that part of the city be taken over by Big East fans is just great. The bars are just jammed pack with great folks from all school.

As for the spread. It's meh. First you have to pay and there are nothing more than hot-dogs and sandwiches. The desserts make up for it, though.

I have just returned from St. Louis where I saw Springsteen and the E Street Band perform an epic 3 hour and 20 minute concert, and I honestly don't think there's much better in life than going to see Springsteen live.  No real question here, but feel free to opine if you'd like.

Always liked and admired the man. Awesome songwriter, one of the best. I'm more of a hard rock guy when you get down to it.

That said, I have never see him and I live by his old haunts and current stomping ground. I do want to see one of his shows, though, can you get me a ticket?

(Casual Note: No)

Are you excited the Mets inked Cespedes? Which of his sweet rides in Spring Training would you want to take for a spin?

For sure. Love how the Mets got him on their terms and that Cespedes stayed true to his word when he said he would love to play in New York. He backed up his words with his actions. For him to leave money on the table, you have to admire that!

As for his ride, the original slingshot "Cesmobile" is the one I want to ride shotgun in.

Who is the one guy on DePaul that Georgetown needs to focus on defensively that will most likely rip our hearts out?

Well, you got Myke Henry who has been the Demons' most consistent scorer and rebounder, but he he's struggled of late. Those struggles, though, has coincided with freshman Eli Cain stepping up.

Cain was just named to the all-Big East Freshmen Team and has really made strides in the final few weeks. He is extremely crafty and loves to attack the hoop and finish. Over the last 12 games Cain is averaging 15.4 points per game. While he hasn't taken that many threes, he does lead the conference in three-point filed goal percentage and is playing with a lot of confidence right now. I expect him to come in amped up, as he is from the area (Willingboro, New Jersey; St. Benedict's Prep )

Final score prediction?

Both times in these Q&A's with you I predicted Hoya wins and I was right and close to the spread. With that said, and me having a gut feeling that Leitao will recharge this group and get them ready to play, I'm picking the Demons here.

Hey, give me something, right?

DePaul 76 Georgetown 69.