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Villanova's NCAA Tournament Run Has Meant Big Money for the Big East

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Villanova's run to the Final Four in the NCAA Tournament has earned Georgetown and the rest of the Big East some cold hard cash.  According to ESPN's Darren Rovell:


Each game played in this year's tournament is worth $265,791. That money is paid out in each of the next six years (2017-22), with the number for each game, or unit, growing each year of the payout. When multiplied times six, the total worth of a game played in this year's tournament will be at least $1.59 million.


Including its Final Four appearance against Oklahoma, Villanova will play five games in the Dance, earning a total of $7.95 million for the Big East, or $795,000 per school.

Overall, thanks to the games played by Villanova (5), Seton Hall (1), Butler (2), Providence (2), and Xavier (2), the Big East has earned $19.08 million in the NCAA Tournament, which amounts to $1,908,000 per school.

Conferences earn a unit for every game their teams appear in except the title game, so these numbers are final even if Villanova advances to the National Championship.

Go 'Cats and thanks!