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JT3's Lowe's Commercial is Weird and Terrible

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

So here am I still trying to come to terms with Georgetown not being in the NCAA Tournament and actually feeling pretty relaxed without the impending doom of a first round loss, when all of a sudden this commercial for Lowe's featuring our beloved coach hits me like a brick.  In case you haven't seen it, click the link below.


Not quite sure what Lowe's or JT3 was thinking here, though clearly it makes much for sense for the latter assuming there was a check he received at the end.  Where to start with this? Is it the purple and yellow tie that would make you think he's the coach of Northern Iowa? Is it the bizarre Q&A involving different types of dogs? Or is it simply the fact that it's odd that JT3 would be in an ad for a hardware store to begin with?

This isn't the first time JT3 has starred in an ad campaign during the Dance, as he was a featured player in Dove's "I'm comfortable in my own skin" ads that ran a few years ago.  You can see that tour de force RIGHT HERE.

Hoya Saxa!