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Ten Questions With ESPN's Jeff Goodman

ESPN's basketball insider answers some questions on JT3 and the Hoyas.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

It's the day before the 1st Round of the NCAA Tournament is set to begin and your beloved Fighting Hoyas of Georgetown are on the outside looking in. Good times!  Special thanks to ESPN's Jeff Goodman for taking the time to answer a few questions on the state of the Hoyas and college hoops, generally.  You can follow Goodman on twitter HERE.


How should Hoya fans feel about JT3? It feels like at least part of the fan base has reached a tipping point with him. The expectation fans had for this year's team, once D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera returned, was that it would be a top 25 team capable of making a run in the tournament. Instead, the team is sitting at home on the eve of the Dance.

I never had huge expectations for this group, but I certainly thought they would be better than they have been this season. JT3 is a tough one. Ultimately, what matters most is what you do in March. That shouldn't necessarily be the case, but it is. JT3 hasn't gotten past the first weekend since the Final Four appearance -- which was almost a decade ago now. That's just not enough -- when you are at Georgetown. 

What is the perception of Georgetown right now among the coaches?

Mediocre. Good program, and the Hoyas do a pretty good job getting talent -- but it's certainly not considered a Top 10, or even Top 25 program right now. Again, so much is based on what you do in the postseason. 

Do you think the program's struggles in the tournament are largely because of the Princeton system that Georgetown runs?

I think that's part of it -- but it's more than just that. You'd think it would be more difficult to prepare for in the postseason because of the quick turnaround, but that hasn't been the case. 

Do you think Georgetown is on the road to becoming a mid-major? Between being a part of a weakened Big East, and also it nearing a decade since Georgetown last reached the second weekend of the tournament.

No. Definitely not a mid-major, but the Big East doesn't have the juice it had a few years ago. I think the move from ESPN to Fox (and I worked at Fox in the past, and loved it there) has hurt teams like Georgetown. It's a tougher sell recruiting-wise. 

Where do you think JT3 ranks among Big East coaches?

Right now, somewhere in the middle, I guess. Jay Wright is No. 1, Chris Mack deserves to be up there in the second spot. After that, it's not easy. I might throw Ed Cooley at 3. I'd probably go with Chris Holtmann at 4 right now, and JT3 and Greg McDermott as 5 and 6 in some order. Then Wojo, Kevin Willard, Dave Leitao and Chris Mullin.

The other day Chris Mack said he and his staff are heavily into KenPom stats. How many college coaches are embracing and utilizing advanced metrics that you frequently see in the NBA?

I think most staffs are using it -- just to different extents. However, I think most coaches utilize it as an additional resource -- not as a primary one. 

Why don't all college coaching staffs have a shooting coach like in the NBA?

Some can't afford to hire someone for an additional spot. Plus, you have to find someone you know well and are confident will help your kids.

Do you think a 24 second shot clock is on the horizon in the college game?

Yes, I think it's a matter of time. Probably another couple years. 

Jay Bilas said the college game has become "unwatchable." Do you agree with that? Have the freedom of movement rules made things better or worse? It often seems like games drag on with more and more fouls being called.

I think he said that last season prior to all the rule changes. The changes have definitely improved the game. The refs called it early in the season, and most have adjusted.

In the past JT3 has said the system takes some time for the players to get comfortable with. In the college game today, when it is difficult to keep your best players for four years, does it make sense running an offense that takes that much time getting used to?

I think the best coaches are the ones who adapt. Look at Coach K at Duke. You need to adapt to your personnel. To me, you try and get the best players you can these days -- and then figure out how you want to play.

Is the Princeton system a stigma for Georgetown when it comes to recruiting guards? One issue with this year's team is that it lacks a true point guard, and in the JT3 era, many fans have pointed out that we haven't sent a single guard to the NBA.

I do think the system hurts in recruiting. Other schools certainly use it against the Hoyas -- and these days kids want to get out and play fast and run. DSR scares me. As you said, he's not a guy who makes people better.