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Join the 2016 Casual Bracket Challenge!

Welcome to the annual CASUAL BRACKET CHALLENGE! Time for you to prove just how much you know about college hoops, right here on America's Most-Read Georgetown Hoyas blog!  Now that the Hoyas are on the outside looking in and aren't destined to ruin your brackets in the 1st weekend, this Bracket Challenge should prove to be the tightest contest yet!

The group is smartly named CASUAL POOL, the Group ID is # 75899.

A plethora of prizes await the winner of this year's Bracket Challenge, including but not limited to, eternal fame and glory.

But wait, what do you really win?

Well, I can tell you what you won't win:

1) Fame
2) Chicks (or Dudes)
3) Bragging rights of any kind
4) Anything remotely worthwhile

Join Today! Join Now!

Enter today and WIN BIG! Just click RIGHT HERE and start filling out your damn brackets!

But wait! There's more!

No. No there isn't.