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The Casual Awards: 1 Down, 3 to Go

The Casual Awards - 1 Down, 3 to Go

Abbreviated awards as it's after midnight and we're old and frail and NYHoya will not sleep very much as he booked a room at the Hotel Pennsylvania which had this actual review:

This place was dirty and gross and there was a homeless man sleeping in the closet of our room!! We ran out of the room and told the man at the desk and he said "oops I'll get you another room, I didn't know he was still there." This is the worst hotel I've ever stayed at. The paint was falling off the wall, the shower was tinted green and the sink wasn't functional. This was a terrible experience with no refund.

tom hanks big hotel

He gets the spirit award, obviously.

The "Daniel LaRusso is Gonna Fight!!!!" Award:

Bradley Hayes.

hayes depaul BET

The Hoyas lost 6 straight without Rutherford B Hayes in the lineup after he suffered a broken hand in practice.

With the help of the team's resident Mr. Miyagi on the Georgetown medical staff, Hayes emerged from the tunnel at Madison Square Garden like Willis Reed did 36 years ago, and was reinserted into the starting lineup.

His impact was felt immediately, providing a legitimate post presence for a team that sorely missed it during his absence, despite the best efforts of freshmen Jessie Govan and Marcus Derrickson.

10 points and 7 rebounds later, the Hoyas are entering the crane kick stance.

crane kick

Sleep with one eye open, Villanova.

The Growing Pains Award:

Isaac Copeland, Marcus Derrickson and Tre Campbell.

Good news:  This trio shot 3 for 15 tonight and we still won by almost 20.

That said, I know you guys are underclassmen, but if we're going to win 4 games in 4 days and truly make DC dope again, we'll need you guys to hit some shots.

The DSR Award for Bringing it Every Damn Day:


DSR depaul BET

That was a really quiet 20 points.

Here's to him having a Kemba Walker type run this week.

The "Who's That Man?" Award

Ra'Mond Hines

Seriously, who is that man?  Did he hit a halfcourt shot at our last home game?  Did he win an essay writing contest?  I need to know.

The Doug Gottlieb Award for Splitting a Cab with SwordOfBrunner from the West Village Uptown to MSG:

Doug Gottlieb.

Save your laptop and wallet jokes, dude really helped me out by letting me hitch a ride, as getting a cab at 6pm in NY is nigh impossible with drivers changing shifts.

For what it's worth, Doug thought we would beat DePaul and could definitely beat Villanova on Thursday.

[He also had some thoughts on the state of Georgetown basketball that I'll save for the season post mortem].

The Jim Boeheim Award For Wetting His Pants:

Jim Boeheim.

boeheim piss

He wet his pants.

The 2010 Georgetown Hoyas Award for Beating a #1 seed in the Big East Tournament during that Thursday at noon slot Award:

GTown Cuse 2010

The 2016 Georgetown Hoyas?  #whynotus

We'll be back at MSG today with the hopes of writing another of these as DSR and Brad Hayes try extend their Georgetown careers another day.

C'mon, fellas.  Let's shock the world.  Do it for Brilly.  #yaknow