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We Can Do This! A Guide to Georgetown Making the NCAA Tournament

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

There's no diggity no doubt that this Hoyas season has been an outright debacle, from losing to C-level club teams in Italy this summer to the season opening disaster against Radford and straight through to the recent gutless second half performance at home against Xavier.  With three regular season games left on the schedule before the Big East Tournament, the Hoyas sit at 14-14, and will need to win two of its last three games just to be eligible for the NIT. Fun!

BUT, as I sit here writing this from my tub bubbling over with delusion, I see a path that will get Georgetown not just to the NIT, but also the NCAA Tournament!  And you know what, I think it's somewhat feasible!  Wait!  Please! Before you stop reading and move on to your daily internet sources for Donald Trump news and/or cat memes, check it out!

First and foremost, a win on Senior Day against Butler.  This is definitely doable, right? Let's face it, Butler really isn't that good, and assuming the coaching staff has finally learned after nearly a decade that Roosevelt Jones can only go to his right (look, seriously, if someone is reading this and can put this in front of JT3's face, COACH, DID YOU KNOW THAT ROOSEVELT JONES ONLY GOES TO HIS RIGHT!), the Hoyas should be able to win this one in the final home game of the season in front of what should be at least 8,000 charged up fans at Verizon.  Verdict: Hoyas win 74-67. That's one!

Next, a road game against the hated Golden Eagles of Marquette.  The Hoyas always seems to have trouble in The Good Land (OK, the Hoyas seem to have trouble everywhere), but this Marquette team is mediocre at best.  A Georgetown team needing a win here to set up a possible WIN AND IN (even though it really isn't) scenario at Villanova is not going to lose this game (maybe it will but for the sake of argument please continue).  With Isaac Copeland finally rounding into a form that resembles something of what he showed us during his freshman campaign and L.J. Peak providing a consistent second scoring option to DSR, you know as well as I do that Georgetown can, and probably should, win this game.  Heck, we've even beaten these goobers this season already! Verdict: Hoyas win 77-71.  Eat it, Wojo! OK, that's two and behold, the Hoyas are on a WINNING STREAK!

Now, here we are! Suddenly the Hoyas are at 16-14 and while still a longshot for the NCAA Tournament, can't truly be written off the Bubble since a win at Villanova (which might be ranked #1 in the nation at the time) would give the Hoyas road wins against both Villanova AND Xavier (likely a top 5 squad and strong 2 seed).  You know which other team in the country has road wins against two of the top 5 teams in the nation?  You guessed it! NONE! (I think this is true but to be candid I haven't checked).  Now, a quick glance over at that Ken Pomeroy site that predicts outcomes and we are currently given only about an 8% chance of winning this game.  NOT BAD!  Crazier things have happened, right? And what exactly is Villanova playing for in this game? For some reason the Wildcats already had its Senior Day, so it's not as if the crowd will be extra amped to salute Scottie Reynolds again, and with the Hoya Hoop Club busing what should be tens if not dozens of Hoyas fans to Philadelphia, the Wildcats could be facing a deafening crescendo of 'Hoya Saxa!' chants from the cheap seats should the Hoyas somehow get a lead in the 2nd half.  Look, I'm not telling you that Georgetown is going to beat Villanova.  But I'm also not telling you that it's outside the realm of possibility to win if we finally get our collective heads out of our asses either. Were we not a Jessie Govan crushing brainfreeze away from possibly beating Villanova in DC? Yes, yes we were! Verdict: Hoyas 67-Wildcats 64.

OMG!  Now the Hoyas are 17-14 and suddenly one the of hottest teams in the Big East heading into Madison Square Garden, our home away from home!  Can we beat a team like freakin' Creighton in our first game in the Big East Tournament? YES!  18 wins. Can we then take it to a team like Providence in the next round, a team that we match up well against and has beaten us twice by like a combined 5 points? ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY!  That's 19 wins, folks!  You think the Tournament Selection Committee is going to leave us out in the cold after those wins at Villanova and at Xavier, with wins over Butler, Providence, Wisconsin, and Tournament darling Syracuse to boot? No chance! We're in, you guys!

Look, this season has blown goats.  But IT ISN'T OVER.  There is still a light at the end of the tunnel, and even though it's a long damn tunnel and that light is dying fast, we owe it to the players, shit we owe it to ourselves, to not give up hope, to stick with this team until we have no other choice.  In the infamous hashtag words of our beloved AD, #WhyNotUs?

Let's Do This!

Hoya Saxa!