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Sleeping with the Enemy: The Musketeers of Xavier

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Your Somewhat Fighting Hoyas of Georgetown host Xavier on Saturday and as usual we here at THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON are bringing you everything you need to know about our next opponent. Here with us to dish on all things Musketeers are our blog buddies over at Banners on the Parkway, your trusted source for all of your Xavier needs. Let’s do this!

Xavier! Are you as excited for an 11am game as I am not?

I'm excited to hopefully get a win and be finished in time to watch the football playoff. But am I excited for an 11 am tipoff? No, never. It feels way to mid major and does not really give time to get adequately ready for the game. But it could be worse, we could be playing at St. Bonaventure in a meaningless 11 am A10 game, so this should be fun.

Which players have been carrying the load for the Musketeers this season?

Trevon Bluiett. He's in his third year now and absolutely being a leader on this team. He's putting up good numbers on offense and scored 22 points against Providence. Sumner has not looked all that strong this season, but Bluiett has really taken control and is an absolute monster.

What are your big New Year's Eve plans?

I'm spending the day/night in Nashville with my girlfriend. Definitely watching the game at home, since it will be 10 amcentral and probably no good Big East bars in SEC country. As far as the night goes, we're heading to the Gulch area of town to get away from the woo-hoo tourists on Broadway and going to a party. It might just be me, but I think New Years Eve might be the most overhyped going out night of the year. Even How I Met Your Mother had an episode about this concept. Regardless, It's going to be a good time

2016 has gotten quite the bad rap. What's your favorite memory, basketball or otherwise, of the year gone by?

Great question. I'm going to give two answers to this. I think my favorite basketball memory was absolutely our win over Villanova. There was so much excitement to it and it felt even better then beating UC does.

And in my personal life, I started teaching at a new school. The excitement of that has been pretty darn cool, and I'm half an hour from the big ski resorts outside of Salt Lake City. That school and the excitement along with it has made 2016 pretty darn cool.

Cincinnati is known for its pathetic excuse for chili. I've heard that some of you Midwestern savages also put peanut butter in your chili. Is this a real thing and if so, how does it taste?

Peanut butter? That belongs a lot of places, but not in chili. The traditional chili recipe from the one and only Skyline Chili has a bit of chocolate in it, and is best served with cheese on top. It's a delicious and messy joy that must be experienced at least once. But don't try the canned version that can be bought at grocery stores. It's just weird and has a 65% chance of ruining your day.

All of the Oscar-bait movies seem to have started coming out and the holidays are always a great time to go to see a movie or two. Have you seen anything good lately?

I finally saw Rogue One on Tuesday and it did not disappoint. It's the perfect mix of action with sci fi, and it's definitely the best star wars movie I've seen in a movie theater, because I'm only 25.

Not a movie, but right now I've been casually watching The Crown with family this week and it has been excellent. It can be a bit on the British history nerdy side, but overall very good.

Rank your top three ways of eating an egg.

This is going to sound so lame, but I have an egg intolerance. Just like lactose intolerance, I get sick if I have egg so I'm sadly not an expert on how to eat an egg. Roughly 1% of Americans have this, so for the other 99% I'd say on toast #1, Scrambled #2, and on the face of your enemy #3.

What's up with Myles Davis? Will he magically reappear on Saturday to dash the Hoyas' hopes and dreams?

Myles' situation is a bit messy, and that might be an understatement. I don't want to misrepresent it, so let's just say that he was investigated for an issue relating to his girlfriend, but if I remember correctly he was not indicted. He was suspended from the team and reportedly has been planning on coming back in January, but no one actually knows anything. Everything that is reported is based on rumors, and his own vague tweets. Will we see him on Saturday? No way. I don't think he'll be back that soon without any sort of "Hey, he practiced today and is good to go soon" first.

Assuming both spots were to open, which is the better head coaching job right now: Georgetown or Xavier?

Oh that is tough. I think right now Xavier. Our recruiting improves every single year and we have a lot of young, talented players waiting to take on big roles. Last year's team had Final 4 potential before a loss I don't want to talk about, and this year's team will be just as strong when Myles comes back. So I think short term, Xavier is a much better job for the next two plus years. Long term that get's tougher. I want to say Georgetown because of the history, but I'd also be afraid of the Georgetown job because of the history. I'm curious on who would come coach up on the hilltop and whether they'd be a current high profile coach (like a Creen when he finally gets fired one day) or an up and coming young coach.

Final score prediction?

I'm going to predict some fun and a lot of people thinking "hey cool, basketball" because it's starting before noon. Xavier-88 Georgetown-70, which was the exact score from last year's game at the Phone Booth. Speaking of that game, I still have my "grey out" shirt from it. Crazy soft, so thanks Georgetown for the win and the gym shirt!