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Player Profile: Akoy Agau

(Image: Evan Chvotkin)

This week, St. Patrick and Run DSR are bringing you all their hot takes on this season’s Hoyas. This winter, more than any other, we look to the Hoyas for escape. Up this week: Akoy Agau.

NAME: Akoy Agau

YEAR: Junior

POSITION: Forward HEIGHT: 6-foot-8 WEIGHT: 235 lbs


To be honest, we don’t know a ton. A four-star recruit coming out of high school, Agau transferred to the Hilltop after spending two years stuck to Rick Pitino’s bench at Louisville. He’s known to be an athletic and mobile forward who many envisioned playing a similar role to the one Mikael Hopkins did: a defensive specialist, board cleaner and garbage man. In 2015 Kenner League play, he fulfilled these hopes and showed a decent face-up game — midrange jumper and all!

The major question mark coming into this year for Agau will be his reconstructed knee. For someone whose upside is at least somewhat reliant on his athleticism and mobility, an ACL injury is a scary development, and one that leaves his potential contributions very much in question. He looked capable of D1 competition in this summer’s Kenner League, but his running was somewhat labored and his athleticism definitely diminished. He’s said he’s 100 percent now, so it’s possible that some progression has happened since the summer.


If he has fully recovered, Agau could be an incredibly useful asset for his ability to defend quicker big men — something Bradley Hayes and Jessie Govan, for all their skills, struggle to do. Having a big man capable of both defending the pick and roll and the low post would be immensely valuable, and his athleticism would certainly be a welcome addition to the theoretical Showtime Hoyas.

I’m twitching even mentioning these words today (damn you for being right, Nate), but there is a larger than usual amount of uncertainty surrounding our predictions for Agau’s season. For all his assets — and he truly is a perfect fit for the team many fans would like Georgetown to be — a major knee injury makes it difficult to say he’ll definitely play a meaningful role. The benefits he gives the Hoyas are closely correlated with his athleticism, and at last observation, his athleticism was at least somewhat diminished. If that’s still the case, he’ll find it hard to get on the floor given John Thompson III’s deep rotation. Don’t get me wrong — it’s also possible that he leads all Georgetown forwards in minutes due to his defense and skills as a finisher! But that’s hard to predict with any confidence right now, due to his injury and the sheer number of options JTIII has at his disposal.