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Postcards from the Edge

Greetings from Casual Hoya
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Hoya Saxual

(Casual Note: This is another Letter to the Editor I recently received.)

Where Does Georgetown Rank in the New Big East?

By Gimme Shelton

Per the statistics outlined in my previous letter, Georgetown has clearly fallen woefully short of its supposed role as the standard-bearer of the New Big East (NBE). The subpar Hoya results beginning in the 2013-2014 season speak for themselves. Relative to the rest of the league, though, just how disappointing has Georgetown's performance been over the last 3+ years? Here is where Georgetown ranks in total wins since the league was formed:

Total Wins:


Villanova 103

Xavier 78

Providence 73

Creighton 67

Butler 65

Seton Hall 62


Marquette 54

St. John's 51

DePaul 36

Based on total wins, then, since the league began Georgetown ranks 7th out of the 10 NBE teams. Despite having roughly equal head coaching salaries, the Hoyas have won 45 fewer games than Villanova during this period. Indeed, far from being the standard-bearer the Hoyas have performed much closer to bottom-dweller DePaul than they have to Villanova. And, sadly, nothing that we've seen out of the Hoyas, nor out of our NBE-brethren (several of whom are having excellent pre-seasons) indicates that this table is going to look any better - and it could very well look even worse - for Georgetown come the end of this season.