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At least we have our health: Oklahoma State 97, Georgetown 70

Georgetown sinks to new lows in sloppy, dispiriting blowout loss to Cowboys.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

None of us has much energy or insight to describe the latest embarrassment of Georgetown basketball, least of all me. I could get into the Xs and Os, about how the Hoyas turned the ball over 28 times, the most in program history since 1999, or about how listless they looked on defense and on the glass en route to getting blown out by unranked Oklahoma State, 97-70. I could try to describe the fan base's collective psyche--enraged, damaged, or disengaged long ago. I could spin some personal yarn about how, shortly before bedtime, my 4-year-old son said that Georgetown "stinks" before sulking off to bed, or about how my cell phone, which was buzzing with excited and frustrated energy just two nights ago, now only emitted silent indifference.

But all of that would be a diversion from the fact that tonight was no aberration. Even by the most delusional standards, for the past year-plus, being a fan of Georgetown basketball has been a chore, if not punishment.

What's the point in dissecting three point guards who can't handle the ball? What is to be gained by breaking down offensive sets that don't adjust from one season to the next and can't handle even a competent pressure defense? Why bother cataloguing defensive breakdowns when they're the same breakdowns that have doomed this team for years?

You can blame the personnel. You can blame market forces that have contributed to the gradual decline of Georgetown's profile as a national basketball program. Or you can heap all of the blame on a handsomely compensated coaches that has failed time and again. But it's beyond dispute that this team has sunk to lows that previously have seen coaches fired: a 2-4 start to the season, 14 losses in 18 games.

We've endured enough for one week. Enjoy your friends and families. Happy Thanksgiving, and Hoya Saxa.