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The Mourning After: Rapid Reactions

NCAA Basketball: Georgetown at Marquette Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

A few rapid reactions after Georgetown’s humiliating loss last night to Arkansas State:

- He's had a full spring and summer, new players, new staff and a new facility. Did we get a 'Hey, this is on me. We weren't prepared'? Of course not. He should help himself by taking responsibility publicly. It wouldn't help any result, but at least tell us he knows he's the one falling short.

- I'm glad we're pressing more. But I'd commit to it and not just pick up full court man to man. It accomplished nothing. Nobody on this team can stop the ball in the half-court, so what's the point in extending man pressure? That was really bad defense last night and nothing changed in scheme. No zone, no mixing pressure.

- This is a low IQ team and perhaps we should have seen it coming. Mulmore is a JUCO guy who has been going off raw ability. Pryor being a Kenner star makes a lot more sense now. I like his aggressiveness, but his awareness is not quite where you'd want a 24 year old's to be.

- It appears Copeland has tried to re-work his jump-shot. It's not quite as flat as it was, but now it seems to be even worse. He doesn't look confident. It was hard enough for him to play half-court offense without being able to handle the ball or pass but now he can't shoot, either. The ball seems to be finding his hands way too often.

- I was happy to get what I asked for in Tre Campbell's minutes. Didn't matter. The three small guards just haven't cut it in the past two games. Mosely's shot doesn't look awful (but certainly not great) - and a 2-6 night from 3 instead of 0-6 and maybe the Hoyas survive. He's a nice looking athlete but to me it appears he has trouble keeping up with quickness laterally - Mulmore appears to be the best option at stopping the ball. Either way you slice it, I don't think there's a real answer at PG right now and this would be survivable if there were other high IQ guys in the other spots who could create for others. There isn't.

- Marcus Derrickson and Brad Hayes would and will help. Derrickson has the best looking shot on the team and Hayes is the best half court scoring option. But that's not an excuse to get handled by ARKANSAS STATE.

- I watch a lot of CBB, or at least try to - and the one thing I always come back to is how assertive the good teams are compared to us. There's no hesitation, they may make mistakes but it's generally done with an aggressive nature. It's not that I think Georgetown kids don't play hard, but they do not play with force. Rebounds are always tipped around, not snatched. Plays are rarely finished with dunks. Close outs are not sharp. It's little stuff here and there that just adds up. There is no force, and to me..that reflects the head man. Two minutes in to that game last night, was there any doubt who was setting the tone? It was the team from the Sun Belt.

- On that note, I ended up watching Mississippi State yesterday and they absolutely got shredded. I thought about Ben Howland and how his defense used to be the given. Good coaches can get passed by. The really good ones adapt, and III is trying to adapt. He might not be able to. The game is far different than what it was in 2005-2008 - particularly in how you guard. There's far less station to station offense these days and a greater emphasis on being able to stop the ball. His team's continue to fail at that. He's trying refresh his career in a changing game and the early return is that it might not just be in him. If III was a Wire character, he'd be Dennis Cutty Wise.

- The longest tenured high-major CBB coaches are as follows: Boeheim, K, Izzo, Brey, Pitino, Jay Wright, Leonard Hamilton, Lorenzo Romar, Scott Drew, Bill Self, Roy Williams. And JTIII. 7 of those 10 have a National Title. 10 of those 13 have made a Regional Final in the last 5 years. While Romar and Hamilton have had less regular season success, they have been to the 2nd weekend more recently than III. Luckily for them, they're at schools that don't prioritize basketball. I hope we still do.

- Kevin Keatts. King Rice. Patrick Ewing. Whoever. There are options and we can't act like there aren't. There's a new facility with all the bells and whistles, a conference that is now on solid footing. There are options. He has this year, obviously. And unless things get so, so bad..he has Tremont Waters to point to and say 'look, I have a guard!'. But, there are options and credit to the kids who started the 'Fire Thompson' chant. It's rough, especially with his family sitting court-side but we are beyond the point where he needs to be held accountable. You get the fortune of having your brother call games on TV. The ability to never disclose an injury or suspension. The fortune to never get asked a difficult question. Any media obligations except a meet and great before game? Nope. When you win, great. When you don't? We will demand accountability.

- There is time. But it has to start on Monday.