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Sleeping with the Enemy: The Terrapins of Maryland

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Your Fighting Hoyas of Georgetown put its UNDEFEATED record on the line Tuesday night against the hated rival Terrapins of Maryland at the suddenly kente-filled Verizon center, and as usual we here at THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON are bringing you everything you need to know about our next opponent. Here with us is @MattEllentuck of Testudo Times, your premier source for all things Terps on the internet. Let’s do this!

Melo Trimble aside, who are some of the Terps that could cause the Hoyas fits?

Maryland’s very young this season, and a year after starting five guys with NBA potential, Trimble is the only player the team can count on playing at that level every night. That said, the Terps have a number of guys who could have big nights on any given day. Kevin Huerter is a freshman who can score often from deep. Dion Wiley is expected to be a large contributor a season after tearing his meniscus. He was supposed to start over Rasheed Sulaimon last year. The answer to this question is basically ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. We’ll probably be just as surprised as you are.

It's been a few years since you joined the Big Ten. Do you think the move was worth it? Be honest. Did you like getting clobbered by Michigan in football? Do you miss the Duke rivalry? Is it annoying to have to play games in West Lafayette, Indiana and Lincoln, Nebraska? Are you excited about your burgeoning rivalry with Rutgers?

Personally I was only around for one year of Maryland in the ACC, and while football hasn’t been the most fun, the Terps have been very competitive on the basketball court. The travel is probably way more of a pain for the athletes and coaches, but the trips have mostly been worth it from a basketball standpoint. Oh, and Maryland football recruiting looks pretty good for next year, so maybe they can sort of thank the Big Ten for that?

Is Melo Trimble that good? How do you project him as a potential NBA player?

Haha. Yes. Melo Trimble is that good. He’s a scorer, now a playmaker, a reliable ball-handler, shot-maker and has been the root of everything good in Maryland basketball since he walked through the door. Projecting him as a pro is a little tough considering his small wingspan and lack of explosiveness may be an issue. But a prolific scorer, Trimble could very well find a home in the NBA.

Have you ever done the "My Boo" dance? Is it casual?

The running man challenge was beautiful in its prime, but is very, very over and done with.

Fight club questions. Who would win a fight between Lefty Driesell and John Thompson Jr.? What about Exree Hipp v. Jerome Williams? Lonny Baxter or Mike Sweetney? Juan Dixon or Kevin Braswell? Greivis Vasquez or Nikita Mescheriakov? Testudo the Turtle or Jack the Bulldog?

I am 21 years old and don’t know these answers! Testudo wins vs. all IMO.

(Casual Note: 21 years old? Are you serious? Man, I need to get the hell out of this blogging thing, game done changed.)

What do you order at the on-campus Panda Express (if that still exists)? Are you an orange-flavored chicken guy all the way or do you dabble in the Beijing beef?

Not a Panda guy really, but I can talk more about Chick-fil-A. I usually order everything with a side of everything. It tastes good.

Does anyone actually "Fear the Turtle"?

*shows picture of Melo Trimble*


(Casual Note: I have no idea what this means, though I will add that I find snapper turtles reasonably frightening. Check this out at around the 1:15 mark)

Talk to us about Mark Turgeon. In the last two seasons he has certainly made Maryland basketball relevant again. But he still hasn't really met expectations, right? Are you happy with him?

He produced one of the most impressive lineups in the country and in Maryland history last year and brought in three top-100 freshmen this year. Mark Turgeon has done a pretty fine job. Yeah, last year’s team was underwhelming based on the talent it had, but a 27-9 record and a Sweet Sixteen finish is nothing to be to disappointed with. It was good enough for him to get a four-year contract extension a few months ago.

Was Greivis Vazquez more annoying than JJ Redick as a college player?

I like them both. Don’t @ me.

What do you tell all of your fellow classmates that couldn’t get into Georgetown?

None of my classmates wanted to go to Georgetown tbh.

Without Jake Layman, Robert Carter and Diamond Stone, who fills the void in the front court? Could this be a blessing in disguise for some of your younger players?

Well, maybe, but also kind of no. Maryland’s lone big man recruit, Josh Tomaic, isn’t really ready to play yet it seems. The hope for interior scoring rests on a player Maryland will only have this season in L.G. Gill, who transferred from Duquesne and Ivan Bender, a sophomore who didn’t play much last year. Bender also fractured his wrist a few weeks ago and is just getting back on the court. Neither are prime post scoring options and Maryland’s centers Damonte Dodd and Michal Cekovsky aren’t either. It’s a glaring flaw in Maryland’s roster. Maybe Bender can surprise when healthy, but he’ll need time. The other option is to maybe play freshman wing Justin Jackson some minutes down low, and with his 7’3 wingspan that’s entirely possible, but again, we’ll wait and see.

True or False: The Hoyas and Terps should play every season.


Final score prediction?

Maryland 71 – Georgetown 68