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Hoyas Fashion Update: New Uniforms Aren’t Really All That Great

thompson center

The season is one month away and there’s a lot to get excited about in HoyaLand. New athletics facility, new recruits, a loaded team that is going to surprise a lot of coaches that don’t seem to know that Georgetown exists anymore.

However, I’m having a hard time getting excited about these new uniforms, and apparently Akoy Agau feels the same.

Not sure what is it about them, but other than the super-casual kente trim down the sides they just don’t add much to the Georgetown fashion plate. These bad boys from yesteryear were totally fine, not sure what the new ones bring to the table:


In footwear news, these new kicks are cool:

...and these Allen Iverson socks are great:

The winning theme, of course, is the kente cloth pattern which criminally fails to appear on our home court at Verizon.