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View from Press Row: Kaleb Johnson Fan Club

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes time to win the game D'Vauntes does what he has to do...JT3 on Smith-Rivera scoring 12 late points to finish with 15 for the game.  DSR was held scoreless in the first half but hit two big shots late and all eight of his free throws to help ice the win away for Georgetown against Marqutte

Well if you could bottle up that first half Georgetown could make a serious run at 18-0 in the conference that is still in play two games into the BIG EAST season.  The Hoyas hit on 19-of-32 shots, had 13 assists to five turnovers, and out rebounded Marquette 21 to 13.

There was a little bit of white knuckle action in the second half as the Hoyas hit a huge drought but a Reggie Cameron 4-point play stopped the bleeding and DSR drove the win home down the stretch.

High Praise: I used to think that I was the President of the Kaleb Johnson Fan Club but it turns out that it might actually be JT3.  After Johnson finished the game with 2 points, 6 rebounds (3 off), and 2 assists in 12 minutes, JT3 dished out an uncharacteristic comparison.

"We're only two games into conference play, but in the locker room, I told the guys, Kaleb reminded me, and has all year, if you can take the offensive component out of it, of Otto. You would see Otto Porter running down long rebounds, you would see Otto Porter making the hustle plays and getting on the floor."

JT3 went on.

"Kaleb at this point is not the offensive player that Otto was, but as it related to the effort he puts out, the caring and the effect he has on the game and the energy he gives and the confidence he gives his teammates is something he's very good at and hopefully other people will start to do that also."

No pressure young man.

Starters: We're now two games into the Tre Campbell is starting portion of the season and while his numbers aren't setting anything on fire yet, it seems to have had the desired effect.  If anything shifting L.J. Peak to the bench has helped the sophomore offensively.  Tonight Peak went 5-for-5 for 10 points in 23 minutes as he was able to get to the basket with relative ease at times.  He's still picking up fouls but he's at least doing so at different times of the game, allowing himself to play more in crunch time.  After the game JT3 admitted that the fouling was one of the main reasons behind the lineup shuffle.

JT3 on Peak: "If you look at some of our losses he's fouled out at the end of games and we need his defense in there, his ability to get to the rim in there so that is absolutely part of the equation."

Derrickson Delivers: For me this talented sophomore was also going to be the difference maker on this team.  In his first BIG EAST home game Derrickson delivered with a team and career high 16 points in career best 32 minutes.  That's 20 more minutes than he played the other night at DePaul.  Even more important was the way that Derrickson did it.  Coming into the game the 6-foot-7, 250 lbs freshman had taken almost twice as many 3-pointers (41) than 2-pointers (22).  Derrickson was also making a higher percentage of 3's (46 percent) than 2's (36 percent).

Tonight Derrickson used the shot fake to get to rim and finished 5-for-11 from the field by taking five 3-pointers, making two.  Marcus is the kind of power forward that this program has been missing for years.  His emergence is vital.  He also had five rebounds, his most in almost a month.  All of that earned the freshman his first Verizon Center podium game in his first time being eligible due to the first semester silence rule that is still in place.

Some Numbers:

1 - Even though the Hoyas shot 59 percent in the first half a poor second half resulted in Georgetown missing the 50 percent mark by one miss (26-for-53).  That means that Georgetown has still shot 50 percent or better in just one game so far this season (Duke).

2 - Georgetown's home court losing skid ended at two games thanks totonight's win.  Since JT3 arrived in 2004 the Hoyas have lost 3 consecutive home games twice before and both included tonight's opponent - Marquette.

8 - DSR had a career high eight assists, breaking his previous mark of seven that he had accomplished twice before.

11 - That's the amount of turnovers the Hoyas had in the second half.  For comparison they had just seven made baskets in the final 20 minutes.

22 - Georgetown made 22 of 23 free throws, good for 96 percent

49 - The most points the Hoyas have scored in the first or any half this season.  Seven Hoyas scored but leading scorer DSR had zero.

Former Guards: Seems like there were more guards in the stands than on the Hoyas roster today as we saw Chris Wright ('11), Jonathan Wallace ('08), and Tyler Crawford ('08) on the big scoreboard at various parts of the game. I also noticed Mark Tillmon (90) in the media eating a brownie during halftime.