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Sleeping with the Enemy: The Johnnies

Your Fighting Hoyas of Georgetown put its 3-1 Big East record on the line tonight in the World's Most Famous Arena and as usual we here at THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON are bringing you everything you need to know about Georgetown's next opponent.  Here with us to dish on all things Johnnies are our blog bros at Rumble in the Garden, your trusted source for all of your St. John's needs.  Let's do this!

Johnnies! Happy New Year! By the way, when is it cool to stop saying Happy New Year?

May 27th, at 11:00 am. That's what the stars tell me for this year.

How did St. John's go from a really talented team that couldn't execute on the court to a not really talented team that can't execute on the court?

Once upon a time, a head coach recruited some really great players when he was motivated. But he was sick, lost out on some recruits, and decided that the answer was to eat great TriBeCa dinners and reach for players of sometimes dubious character or talent, all while waiting for the next big score like a gambler. (Did you know he is lobbying for the now-open UNLV job? Apropos.)

So now there are some talented young players who are just young sometimes.

Who are some of the Johnnies that the Hoyas need to watch out for on Wednesday night?

None of them. It's an easy win so bring the C- game. Or don't even show up. I mean why, right? The Johnnies have no national names.

Definitely allow Federico Mussini to shoot from outside the arc. And Kassoum Yakwe, let him put that exciting mix of energy and athleticism to work on the boards.

Actually, a favor - please triple team Durand Johnson so he has to pass the ball. We will all be better served.

Talk to us about your thoughts on the Mullin hiring when it was announced, how things are going thus far and where you think the program will be in a few years. What's the key to a successful future for the program?

Continued player development and recruiting of athletes who are willing to develop. The team isn't that bad, but they are defensively untalented - slow feet around screens in particular - and need to be better shooters. Things aren't that bad. It's a patchwork year with some good moments and glimpses of talent!

Steve Lavin's actually pretty good as an analyst for FS1, right?

... If you like too many synonyms...

You are a New York guy living in Chicago. What are the best and worst parts of both cities?

I'm in Albany now, though. Which is pleasant and small, historic. Charming.

Best of New York - so much to do and see. So much one can achieve. So much art and so many niches.

Worst of NY - hard to afford it and the spaces/ living conditions are so much crappier than almost anywhere else, even other expensive cities. Claptrap tenement housing has become expensive.

Best of Chicago - cheaper city with most of the amenities of NYC, et cetera. Nice people.

Worst of Chicago - far from other cities. No topography. Boring people at times.

Which team(s) has been the biggest surprise in the Big East so far this season? Biggest disappointment?

Georgetown is the biggest disappointment. Seriously, WTF. Surprise... Too early to tell. The good teams are excelling, the team's expected to be bad are bad, it's a competitive conference!

How will you be watching the Hoyas-Johnnies game? At home with a computer following tweets and stuff? Snacks? Drinks? At a bar with friends?

Following tweets in my bed while I slowly drift to sleep, then watching the replay a day later! Or a week later. Man, I'm busy. But how can I avoid watching St. John's first Big East win? #Trolling

Final score prediction?

69-65 Georgetown. Some missed free throws and a turnover are the difference.