Kenner League Recap: Championship!

Here is your recap of the Kenner League Championship!

-Tre Campbell sat out the game. He was on the bench and there was no visible injury. Perhaps Thompson is being more careful with even very minor injuries this summer, wanting players to be as healthy as possible for the hard practices and games involved in the Italy trip starting later this week

TREY MOURNING: 14 points, 6-13 2pt, 2-2 FT, 8 reb (2 off), 1 asst, 3 TO

-Trey did not get into the flow of the game until the second half. But he played a strong second half and contributed to his team’s win in some significant ways

-Was matched up with Villanova's Josh Hart at times in the first half. Tough matchup, Trey is not quick enough to keep Josh from driving to the basket

-Finishes well underneath when he has a little room to work. But in high traffic, he is not strong/explosive enough to power through the traffic

-Left his feet too aggressively on a number of ball fakes. Defends OK inside when he does not leave his feet

-missed two fairly easy layups in the second half

-Made a nice baseline dribble drive move. Missed the shot, but was fouled

-matched up with former Maryland forward James Gist in the second half. Gist is strong, athletic, and has a little bit of skill. Trey did well - gist did not do much offensively, and Trey scored 10 of his 14 points in the second half

-Hit a really clutch jumper from the foul line late in the game


Trey’s Higher Level team won a competitive game vs. On Point. I know some Hoya fans don’t like Josh Hart (On Point) getting lavish praise for his kenner performance, followed by the usual laments that he did not end up at Georgetown. But Hart was great this summer, and put up 36 points in this game (on a day when he did not shoot well from outside, just 4-12 from 3). He is strong, explosive, and skilled. My guess is that Hart will be Nova’s best player this year, and be in the conversation for all league first team, and maybe even Player of the Year.

The key to this win for Higher Level: Tre Kelly (South Carolina) dominated the first half for On Point with 16 points. He was driving at will. In the second half, former UVA forward Akil Mitchell switched onto Kelly defensively, and shut him down. Mitchell is about 6’8 - and an excellent defender. He used his length to give Kelly just a little room while still contesting his outside shot. This allowed Mitchell to cut off kelly’s drives. Mitchell also played well offensively in the second half, running the court hard and scoring on offensive board cutbacks.

So that is it for this year’s Kenner League. On the whole, the Hoya guys played well, and we should all feel quite encouraged about the coming season. The Italy tour provides extra time for practice and some good competitive experience. Hopefully about 8 months from now we’ll be looking back on this summer as the starting point for what could be a great season!

Stay Casual, my friends.